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Exactly 3 years ago today my Michael asked me to be his for always and ever.

For some reason I have been sharing my engagement story quiet often of late. I was recently encouraged to share it with all of you. It is such an incredible story. Michael did gooooood, real goooood. In fact, and I may be partial… but I don’t think so… it is the best I have ever heard. He put a lot of thought into the proposal, knowing how much of a “hopeless romantic” I am. I am so unbelievably blessed! NEVER when I was a little girl, did I ever imagine my man to be so awesome and my proposal of marriage to be so incredible.

We drove to Charleston S.C. early on Saturday May 5th. It was a gloomy day and pouring the rain, but by the time we had gotten to Charleston, it had cleared up and was sunny! I knew beyond a shadow of a doubt that this was the day that I was getting engaged!!! I had been tipped off you see and was convinced he was going to propose in Charleston on this day.

When we reached Charleston Michael took me to the Traveler’s center to get maps. He then surprised me with a list that said this.


*Andolini’s for lunch-82 Wentworth St.

*Corner on the Market-188 Meeting St.

*St. Michael’s Church-87 Broad St.

*Double Tree Hotel-181 Church St. (1hr.time commitment)

*6:00pm go to 285 East Bay St.

Naturally I was curious and anxious to get started.

First up! Lunch. Andolini’s was a pizza joint, and it was awesome! Michael and I love a good pizza. When I went in Michael informed me I need to ask for Matt, the manager, and then tell him my name. So I walked up to the cash register and said “Hey, I’m lookin for Matt, I’m Meriah” Then the guy at the register gives me a sheepish grin and yells “Hey Matt, Meriah’s here” Then Matt, grabs a small envelope and hands it to me. On the front is my name in all caps, I recognized the handwriting, It was Michael’s! Inside was a card that read…


Michael had pre-mailed cards to places all over the city! Each card had a sweet note inside about things that Michael and I share and the things he loves about me! Each card also tied into the activity that we were doing at that moment!

The next stop was the open air market downtown. There we went to see Mrs. Martha O’Banion at “Corner on the Market.” She handed me an envelope and card that read…

GOODIES… this stop represents the assortment of trinkets and whatcha-ma-callits that life offers. Things like hammocks, text messaging, cell phones, contact cases, fishing poles, binoculars, cowboy boots, camping gear, hats, scuba gear, bicycles… I love sharing goodies with you!

St. Michael’s Church was our next stop. It is a beautiful historic church in Charleston. I received yet another card from Michael himself, that read…

SPIRITUAL WALK. What an awesome God, loving Savior, and comforting Holy Spirit we serve. I’m encouraged by your desire for His best. I’m challenged by your dedication to His ways. I’m moved by your heart for others. And, I’m honored to be able to walk on a spiritual path with you. I praise God for a woman as beautiful as you. 1Corninthians13.

Our next stop was the Double Tree Hotel. Where we picked up carriage ride tickets from a gal named Rett! Here is what the card she gave me said…

TRAVELS. Here’s to warm beaches and fun in the sun! Local run arounds and international expeditions! Your love for travelling was one of the first qualities that attracted me to you. Meriah, I can’t wait to see the world with you!

I loved the carriage ride! It was so awesome to cuddle up with my fella and listen to the amazing history of one of my favorite cities. Charleston is so beautiful, with all of its gardens and old southern homes. Not to mention the harbor with all of it’s fountains and porch swings on the docks. So to take a carriage ride through downtown, listen to all of that history and see all of those beautiful houses was amazing to me! I was on cloud nine!

We then walked through the streets, on our way to the harbor. Exploring the gardens and marveling at the cool doors and houses and churches. We walked along the harbor and marveled at the kids dancing in the fountains! There were so many weddings going on in Charleston that weekend as well! So we saw many brides and grooms out on the street!

Our next activity was on East Bay St, right on the harbor. I was amazed when we walked up to this huge sail boat sitting next to the dock! Michael had arranged for us to take a sunset sail boat ride in the harbor of Charleston!! I had to approach the captain of the boat for my next card. It read…

ADVENTURE! This is a minor stop along the way of an awesome journey. This event represents all the exciting adventures we have shared, are sharing, and will share together. I can’t imagine a more adventurous, spontaneous, fun-lovin, girl to share them with. MERIAH YOU ARE AWESOME!

So off we went to watch the sun go down over the city of Charleston. We even saw dolphins! It was perfect. It just doesn’t get much better than sitting with my love on a sail boat watching a sunset! I totally thought the whole time he was going to ask me on the boat, and I was trying awfully hard to be patient. 🙂

So because, by this time we were extremely hungry we went to “Hymans” to eat a “Ginormous sea food platter.” And let me tell you it was so good! We ate till we couldn’t walk any more!

Before I knew it we were headed to Wilmington where we were staying with our friends Nicole and Janelle at Nicole’s sister, Natalie & JP’s house.

Again I should mention… no proposal, and I must confess, I was a bit disappointed. I knew he must have “gotten wind” that I suspected a proposal in Charleston, and because it “HAD” to be a surprise, decided to wait. I was rather quiet on the way to Wilmington. I was thinking “I have be conspired against by my friends, and he had such great opportunities all day to propose and he didn’t cause of my friends let him know that I suspected something!”

The next day Michael drove us to Holden Beach. We were a bit sad that it was cold and cloudy when we woke up that morning. But once again, as soon as we got to Holden beach the sun came out and it was beautiful!

Holden beach is a rather beautiful beach. It is an island off of North Carolina that consist of nothing but beach houses. One end of the island is somewhat deserted, and that is the part Michael chose for us to walk on.

We walked for a long time. Looking at shells and telling each other our childhood beach memories. We walked as far as we could to the end of the point and noticed a mail box. This mail box obviously didn’t belong to any house, it was just sitting there all by itself. On the side of this white mail box it said “GOLDEN MEMORIES.” and on the inside of the mail box was a journal and some pens. I just raved about this mail box and how cool it was! All of these people had written in the journal, even little kids. I exclaimed, “Michael we have to write in it!” and turned to the last page. I wrote…

“So I’m walking on the beach with my ‘love’ and we come across this awesome mail box! This is a great idea!”-Meriah-

I then walked off to the edge of the water to explore this washed away dock. Michael then wrote, (And to this day I have never seen what he wrote)

“I am her ‘love’ and I’m getting ready to propose…”

So at this point we turn around and start walking back. And I’m thinking, “that was a great spot to propose… maybe he isn’t going to propose this weekend at all!” Suddenly, Michael says, “Lets sit down right here (on the beach) and rest for a minute. But as soon as we had sat down the wind began to pick up and the sand blew onto our faces and skin. Michael got sand in his eyes and he exclaimed “we can’t sit here, I am getting sand in my eyes!” So off we went again till we spotted some gazebos. I suggested that we sit in one of them and maybe the wind wouldn’t be able to blow the sand on us. So off we went, but since the gazebo was away from the water a bit we had to walk over some sand dunes to get to it. And this is the unromantic part of the story, where I stepped on about 7 or 8 sand spurs and they got stuck in the bottom of my left foot! Michael then had to pull them out of the bottom of my foot. As I dramatically made a big deal about how ‘stikin’ bad they hurt!!

We entered a gazebo that said “Private Serenity” and sat down next to each other on the bench. I was still picking the left over “stickys” out of the bottom of my foot, when Michael asked “So do you remember what those cards said yesterday in Charleston? I said, “Yes…” and he made me review what each card said and the significance of each one to our relationship. Then Michael asked, “So did you think that I was gonna give you a ring yesterday?” and I stuck out my bottom lip and pouted playfully as I said “yes.”“Well, I have one for you today” he said, as he pulled a ring from his pocket.

My excitement overwhelmed me and I flung my arms around his neck. I practically mauled him, not giving him a chance to actually propose! It dawns on me what I am doing as he said “well are not gonna let me get on one knee?” so, I regained my composure and sit back down facing him.

He then gets on one knee, and his eyes begin to fill with tears, as do mine when he says, “All of those things I wrote to you yesterday, as well as my kids, is what I want to share with you for the rest of my life. Meriah, will you marry me?”

And I said, “no you dirt bag, you stink at proposals!”

Just kidding. 🙂

I really said, “YES, I WILL!!!”

Michael then told me he had another surprise for me, but we would have to pick it up in Charlotte. “And, this is gonna be icing on the cake” he said grinning really big.

I simply could not believe it could get any better than this! I was wrong.

So off we were again, heading to Charlotte. The whole way there, we both marveled on how we now had to refer to each other as “fiances” and how we were indeed finally getting married. We had finally found the one we were gonna marry. We had been praying our whole lives for our future mates, and now we knew who that person was.

Right before we entered Charlotte, Michael made me close my eyes and for about 10 minutes (going on FOREVER!) as he found a parking spot. Once we were parked he told me I could open them, and I found myself in the middle of 4 sky scrapers right in the middle of downtown Charlotte.

We walked a short distance to the “Village Tavern”and, Michael would hold me back as he peered around the corners of buildings before we would turn the corner. I was curious as heck to see what he had in store for me! There at the “Village Tavern” we found a bunch of our friends! Richard, Heidi, Courtney, and Ryan. I remember thinking, “what in the world is going on!” Richard and Heidi got up congratulated us with hugs and smiles. Richard handed me yet another card! And it went something like this…

(On the front)

Each day a new beginning, filled with… LAUGHTER!


I love to see you smile and to hear you laugh! My hope is that you will never lose your sense of humor and you easy-going, light-hearted style. Let’s keep up our goal of laughing at least once a day! These tickets to see Brian Reagan should help us to catch up on any lost time!

BRIAN REAGAN!! I could hardly believe it! He is hands down one of my favorite comedians! I love to quote him with my other, “Brian Reagan lovin friends”, and especially my, “Brian Reagan lovin sissy”. So much to my surprise, my sissy shows up at the Village Tavern, to watch the show with us! And it was a fantastic show! My cheeks hurt from laughing so much!

Michael and I decided to share our first kiss when we got engaged. It was just a commitment we had felt challenged to make. So needless to say he gave me my first kiss that evening when we got back to Asheville.

What an adventure! Looking back now after 3 years, I can honestly say life with Michael has never ceased being a glorious adventure. I feel myself one of the most blessed girls in the world to have such an amazing fella. My love for him has deepened so much since that weekend. He becomes more and more dear to me as the years go by. I look forward to sharing the rest of my life with him.

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