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I don’t know how you all feel about your pets. But in the Mozingo home, the hubs and I, well, we ridiculously love our pets. They are a part of the family. Yep, it’s kind of weird to some people, that we have Christmas stockings for each pet.

Well, my husband had this cat. Bruchko. This cat came to him at 5 weeks old, while he was still single, living with a house full of guys. This cat became “a man’s cat”. He had such personality and a certain toughness about him. He really was more like a dog than a cat. When the hubs and I got married, the cat hated me. But I slowly but surely won my way into his heart with my talent for scratching his whiskers.

In August, we lost our kitty. The hubs, Michael, was going fishing. He had strapped the canoe, upside down, on top of the car. When Michael came back in to grab something the cat crawled up under the canoe. Michael, of course, not knowing that the cat was under the canoe, drove off. When crossing a bridge that crosses a main interstate, he found out quickly that the cat was under the canoe. Bruchko, voluntarily, came down on the front windshield of the car, absolutely freaking out. Michael, of course slammed on his breaks. The cat then leaps from the still moving vehicle to skid and role across the asphalt, almost getting hit by a car coming the opposite direction. When Bruchko finally stops rolling, he doesn’t run, like you would think. Oh, no, the cat leaps over the side of the bridge! Due to Michael being almost across the bridge, Bruchko doesn’t fall onto the interstate below. He falls 30 to 40 feet below onto the concrete slab, that was covered in the thickest most ungodly brush and briers you have ever seen.  We searched for hours, for days, to find that cat. We waded through the poison ivy, briers, fallen trees, and ugly spider webs to find him. To no avail. We were left heartbroken and devastated. We didn’t know if he was dead or alive. Every time we would drive up the road we would search for him, consciously and subconsciously. A week passed, 2 weeks, a month… He was gone.

I remember one particular night the hubs and I were just laying in the bed. heartbroken over that dang cat. We actually prayed to see that cat again. And to some of you this will sound absolutely absurd. But to some of you, you will remember when you were a kid, and you lost your first pet, and you wished for it back. Maybe you even prayed to see it again.

We got another kitten, thinking that it would help…

8 weeks later…. The hubs and I are driving to church on a Wednesday night. Quarter of a mile from the house, Michael sees a shadow move in between the cars. He fervently says “I just saw a black cat between those cars” We stop, with hope. Initially the cat runs from us, but turns back from a distant and stares at us. We call for “Bruchko” even though we were not all sure that it was him. The cat would meow at us, but it didn’t sound like him, and we couldn’t even tell if it looked like him. When we got closer, the cat ran into a huge drain. The hubs called for him, and the cat would peek out and meow. I stood at a distance, thinking that it would be less intimidating to the cat to see one person, instead of 2. Michael kept calling and looking, and then he saw it. He saw the distinctive white mark on the cats chest, Bruchko’s chest! Michael looked back at me and said “It’s him, it’s him!” I then walked down to see him and as soon as I did, Bruchko came out of the drain and started rubbing his face on my legs. He was soo happy to see us.

We were absolutely in shock. We honestly thought we would never see this cat again. We prayed and thanked God, then asked for forgiveness for doubting that He cared for the simple, small things in the Mozingo home.

We brought him home, and right now, he is curled up asleep. And I think he is on permanent vacation, for the cat eats, and sleeps. Oh, and growls at the new kitten. He had lost a lot of weight, and has a few scars on his noes and ears. But other than that, he is back to his old self.

We are still trippin.


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