A Mother’s Day Tribute. A Groom and His Mother’s Wedding Dance.

Yesterday Michael and I shared in such a beautiful celebration. Rob and Kayleen were married up at Grand Highlands. We were so glad to be a part of this amazing day with two such wonderful friends and two such genuinely sweet people. I can’t wait to show you more from their wedding later. For now, I know Rob and Kayleen wouldn’t mind us sharing this moment with you.

Since it is Mother’s day I need to share a story. One that has changed my life and touched my heart so much. Since becoming friends with Kayleen and Rob over the past 6 months we discovered that Rob’s mother, Nan, was diagnosed with a brain tumor last year. Since then she has undergone surgery and a tough recovery. I can tell this has effected their family and community deeply. I don’t know Nan well but I can tell she is extremely loved by the support all of her family and friends are giving her. We all wore light blue wrist bands on the wedding day that said “Hope for Nan. Team Strength” They were seen everywhere.

The fact that Nan was there to share in Rob and Kayleen’s wedding day is a miracle. She needed the support of a wheel chair but still walked the aisle with Rob and his dad’s help. She was all smiles and had such a great spirit. I can truly tell she is an optimistic person and truly wanted to take in every moment. She cried when she saw Kayleen and was so sweet to everyone she talked to and met.

And then we came to the Mother/Son dance. I wasn’t sure if she would dance with Rob or not, but nothing was going to keep Nan from dancing with her son at his wedding. Rob reached over and picked her up from her wheelchair and held her tight as they danced together. Words can not describe this moment. Precious seems like the right word but at the same time seems like a major understatement. Their wasn’t a dry eye in the room and I could tell it deeply touched the hearts of everyone there.

Now that I am a mother of a one year old little boy, seeing the dances between a mom and her son at weddings touches my heart so much more. I often cry. This time I wept. As I focused in to photograph the hands of Rob and Nan, I thought about how small Rob’s hands once were in hers. As I look at the frailty of her hands and the strength of his I think of a time when that was the opposite. As I saw how Rob held and supported her I thought about how once he depended on her to hold and support him. Life is so precious to me when I see moments like this. The love of a mother and her son is truly beautiful. To me this moment captures the essence of that love.


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