I had the awesome pleasure of getting to photograph one of the coolest families ever. What made them cool? Their ability to obtain joy during unbelievable hard times.

I entered the Coffey home having never met any of them before. Angel, the mom, hired me to capture some photos of the family with her husband John. John is a native of Queens NY, and is a retired U.S. Army Staff Sergeant with the 7th Special Forces Group. Angel told me that John was disabled. I did not realize, as did the family, that he had little time left on this earth. The photo session was on Saturday and John entered the hospital that next Monday, never to return to their home. On Monday May 9th John passed away after a long and courageous battle with Rheumatoid Arthritis.

As hard as this must have been on the family you would not have known it during the session! They were an absolute joy to be around. They would laugh and cut up. The kids would wrestle and show great affection for each other. The more I hung out with the kids I realized that they are JUST like me and my siblings with their affection and rough housing. The house was a joy filled house and you could tell there was never a dull moment. They shared a unique love for each other that I just adored.

The family loves to watch TV together. They all hung out in the living room with Dad. The kids would pile up on the couch and often times had their arms around each other or they would sit next to dad in his wheelchair. It was enough to just be with each other. One of my favorite moments was when we all had Farina to eat. I had no clue what Farina was until I visited to the Coffey home. I didn’t realize that my life was missing something ๐Ÿ˜‰ Angel made this family treat for everyone and we all hung out in the living room eating it till the plates were licked clean.

My time with the Coffey family touched me so much. They truly are fighters. I am blessed to have met them and to have gotten to know them.

My heart and prayers go out to my new friends as they go through this difficult time. I feel honored to have captured these moments for Angel and her kids to cherish forever. What a blessing to know that I was given this gift of photography to be able to share it with others.

Here are some of my favorite moments from the day I spent with the Coffey family.

This is Angel’s amazing mom, who moved here to help Angel with her husband. It was obvious that they have an amazing relationship.

  • nicole riley - this breaks my heart! how wonderful you were able to share your gifts, and give them such a keepsake to have forever. thinking of them, and you, during this time.

  • Athena - Meriah, thank you so much for sharing these beautiful memories with us. I know this family will cherish these for a life time.
    We are so blessed to do the job we do and personally I don’t even look at it as a job, just sharing the gift God gave me and I can see though your photos you are doing the same thing.

  • sharon l shuster - You never cease to amaze me. These are precious, beautiful, sweet, priceless. You captured the love in this family. I love this album. All of it.

  • Brandy - Beautiful!

  • Starla - Good job! Beautiful family captured so well. What a priceless time and priceless pix!

  • Karen - Beautiful photos!!…Just shows you how much they really love & care about each other,& they are truely an amazing family!

  • Connie Fogle - another amazing session by Meriah! what a beautiful family! Great job Meriah at capturing these joyful moments.

  • Colleen - Meriah,
    You absolutely did capture beautiful moments at the end of my brother’s life. He was my best friend in the whole wide world and unfortunately living in NY, I was unable to get down to Asheville prior to his death. Words can’t describe the hole I have in my heart and it has been over a year. I couldn’t say goodbye to him but I was able to go to the crematorium prior to his cremation. I held him and cried like a baby.
    What you don’t realize, John and I had a very difficult life, losing our parents in 1965 in a horrific car accident prior to Christmas. Our life was not easy but we had some of the best times together before he moved so far away, he was so much more than a man sitting in a wheelchair. I just feel like there was just so much more of him than the pictures depict despite the loving and caring family they were and still are.

I love, love, love being outside! It is what I enjoy the most about spring and probably why I don’t enjoy winter as much. One thing about spring that I love most is the amazing greens of new leaves and the amazing bright colors of the flowers!

Jenny and Travis were married on Saturday! They had a small, intimate wedding with only close friends and family. Their amazing friend Lauren Buchanan took their photos at their wedding. Lauren wanted an extra chance to take some photos of them as well as hang out with me so we set a date for a “Rock the Frock” session. I couldn’t help but notice that my poppy field was in full bloom so off we went to tromp around in the pollen. My engagement session was on a bitter cold day in January in the snow! But it wasn’t cold yesterday. It was a beautiful day with a tad bit of humidity. What a contrast from their engagement session!

Here are a few shots from our session!

And here is one Lauren caught of my “camera wince!” ๐Ÿ™‚

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  • Brandi Clemmons - Great Job Meriah – You are truly very talented! Your work is just so effortless and beautiful!