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Janelle is one of my favorite people in the world. We have been friends for a long time. Over the years, we have taken many trips together and have grown pretty close. There are few people in this world who make me laugh like Janelle does. Her optimism for life is contagious.

Michael and I first met Ryan at our own wedding almost 4 years ago. He and Janelle had just started dating. After getting to know Ryan better, Michael and I can honestly say there is no better match for our dear friend Janelle. They absolutely complete each other! They are both so funny, loyal, creative, and unique. Even their laugh sounds similar!

This wedding was pulled together by so many people and their amazing efforts!! Tara with Bliss weddings and events was responsible for the incredible design and decor as well as the organization of the wedding. The wedding flowed so well thanks to her talents in pulling everything together. Her husband, Michael, is an incredible DJ and kept the dance floor hopping the whole evening. What a team!

Ryan works for Masterpiece Ice and he and the team there were responsible for the amazing 8 foot high altar made of ice and the ice sculpture at the reception. They worked hard that morning setting up the ice!

Doug with Fields of Blackberry Cove was an excellent host. He was awesome at helping us with anything we needed to set up or take down.

The cake was made by Heather Pennypacker, the executive pastry chef at Deerpark on the Biltmore Estate, and was simply fabulous! (We got to have some the next day too!)

Karen with Browns Floral Design did the amazing flowers.

Ryan was also responsible for the delicious food as well as its stylish display. He is a chef himself and had many friends and family helping him prepare and set up the food.

There were so many people involved in making this an amazing wedding for Ryan and Janelle. It was a joy watching the teamwork and the camaraderie that took place during this special day.

Here are a few of our favorite shots from Janelle and Ryan’s day.

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  • laurenpbuchanan - These wedding photos are amazing. You give me so many good ideas. You are amazingly wonderful. Keep up the great work girl.

My best friend Meredith is having a baby. Her first. I have been friends with Meredith for 19 years now and I have say that I am tripping out that she is having a baby! I simply can’t believe it. It seems like only yesterday that we were teenagers together dreaming of our weddings and families. Now it is here.

Meredith is now living in Oklahoma. She was recently in town and some of her friends and family threw Meredith and her husband, Ben, a baby shower. (Even though Ben was not able to be there.)

Meredith’s mom and sister-in-law, Sam, threw the shower at the house of Meredith’s brother, Jarred. They put me in charge of the decorating and, of course, the pictures. I was inspired by my friends at Studio Wed and a blog called Bump Smitten. I decided to go with a “Spring” theme and chose the colors of cherry red and baby blue.

I had a lot of help in getting together all of the decor! A special thanks to my mom for her help in planning and also for making the amazing blue punch! Thanks to Lori Brown for the punch recipe. Thanks to Robin and Meredith and Sam for helping me set up, plan, put up the decor, and clean up. Thanks to Nicole Riley of Studio Wed for allowing me to borrow the champagne glasses and the vases. Thanks to Jennifer and Kevin Minish for the blocks of wood for the center pieces. Thanks to the McBride kids for helping me paint the birdhouses. Thanks to Kathy Berlin for the amazing cake! Thanks to Whitney Sellers for the paper flowers. Thanks to Sam Brackett for putting up the rain drops (because it took a crazy long time!) And last but not least, thanks to Jarred Brackett for letting me invade his house, for being a wonderful host, and for helping take pictures.

Here are some of my favorite moments and decorations from Meredith’s shower.

Meredith and her brother Jarred.

Meredith’s dad, Pastor Jim, is praying over her, Ben, and baby Mayer.

Our friend Chrissa gave Meredith this little outfit. It is especially special because both of Chrissa’s sons wore it. Meredith, Chrissa, and I grew up together. Chrissa’s boys are very special to us so I told Meredith to save that outfit for when the Mozingo boys come along. (someday!)

Meredith use to babysit this sweet girl, Greenly. Greenly loves Meredith so much! Thanks to Jarred Brackett for stealing my camera and capturing this awesome moment!

Meredith with her sweet momma.

Meredith with Shay, Tammy Powell, and KC King.

Meredith and Sam

The original M&M (Meredith and Meriah). (Thanks again Jarred for this photo!)