For today’s Wednesday Wisdom, we are going to continue to talk about how to choose your photographer. As I mentioned in my last post it is my desire to help you pick a photographer that is right for you! I want to give you some key things to look for as you are looking at a photographers work or meeting a photographer for the first time that will help you know you have picked the right person for you!

This week we are going to talk about picking a photographer that is personable. Your photographer is going to be involved in some of the most personal times in your life. You want to choose someone that can capture your family as they are. I believe strongly in capturing the “non posed” moments that occur when you are living your every day life. A photographer with that in mind needs to be able to feel that he is part of the family! When I go into a home of someone I have never met I do my best to make them feel really comfortable with me. When this happens, the family relaxes and can be who they really are. They often forget that the camera is even there. Creating this scenario should be a top priority because it helps you get the “real life” moments.

So whoever you choose, make sure you have a photographer that you are comfortable with on your wedding day or during your family photo sessions.

I know this is a bit late since Easter was a month ago but I couldn’t resist sharing some of our photos! Of course, our family is extremely comfortable with us and this helps to get priceless moments with our niece and nephew. As I mentioned above, it is my goal to not only capture other people’s lives on camera but to also be a part of the family.

Bee stings stink. I couldn’t resist capturing that sweet little face though.

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One of the best things about being an Asheville family photographer is that I get to capture those priceless moments with my own family. I also get to bless them with the photos I capture.

My brother Jim was away all last year serving our country in Afghanistan. He missed most of his son Liam’s first year of life. (Remember that when you are thinking about our soldiers and all that they sacrifice for our country.)

Ally, Jim’s wife, who is also my sis-in-law did an incredible job raising a boy by herself last year. I am truly in awe of her strength and amazing mothering skills!!! Now that Jim is home it has been amazing to watch him be with his son and teach him “man stuff.” Liam is learning all sorts of manly things. Skills such as peeing off the porch, throwing a football, and, of course, fishing!

Here are a few priceless moments with my brother as he teaches my nephew how to fish.

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Today for our “Wednesday Wisdom” we are going to talk about how to choose your photographer. Being an Asheville wedding photographer I know how difficult it can be to decide on a photographer for your wedding or family photos. There are so many of us and there are some amazing ones at that!

Now, let me say this! I am not here to talk about why you should pick Mozingo Photography as your wedding or family photographer. As much as I would love to work with you I understand that Mozingo Photography is NOT for everyone. We have a style of our own that may not suit you. That is totally cool! My goal is to educate you on what I think you should look for in a photographer. Be it Mozingo Photography or someone else.

This is the first part in my series of “How to choose your photographer”. I am going to share them on my “Wednesday Wisdom Days”. I really don’t know how many “parts” we will have. I will just share what’s on my heart and go from there! 😉

I believe one of the things that sets the photographers of today apart from your more traditional photographers is their ability to do post production editing. With the digital age comes the ability to do just about anything to a photo that you can think of. When I first got into photography I had to do a lot of post production work to my photos to make them look right. I now try to get the exposure and colors right in the camera so I have to do little editing later. However, I do believe that adding that little something extra to all of the photos can really make a difference and add a professional touch. It is one of the things that sets modern photographers apart. Mozingo Photography takes the time to edit most every single “keeper” photo from a wedding, portrait, or family photography session. When I produce a product for my clients I want it to be the best it can possibly be. If I know that a photo can look better if I do a little something extra then I will do it!

For example, the first photo here is a well exposed photo. This is what it looks like coming out of my camera.

Here is what it looks like after I pop the color and add a little contrast to the image.

This next photo needed some love. It was over exposed in some areas, yet I wanted to get the amazing sun in the background. So I fixed most of it in post production.



Here is an example of how you can really change the color to bring out a certain element in the photos. (Such as the red flowers and those adorable feet!) I don’t do this often. However, in certain photos it can look cool.



This is a sample of how you can make a regular photo look vintage. Many people love this effect. It works with some photos but isn’t necessarily good for all of them.



Then there is black and white. I love black and white. I use black and white most when I am doing a shoot inside. If there ISN’T any real colorful aspect to a photo then I will usually throw it in black and white. I believe it can make a photo sing! On the other hand, when I am outside and there is a lot of color going on in the scene then I usually use color. Here is an example of a photo that I thought looked incredible in black and white.



Yes, I take some bad photos. Thus why I also love my post production software! In this next photo Erin and James were having a “sweet moment”. I didn’t have the settings just right in my camera yet, and the sun was making them look yellow, orange, and pink. Eeek! I am glad that I was not messing around with my camera when they were having this moment or I would have missed it. With a little love and some black and white, I took this very orange and pink looking photo and made it look 10 times better.



So when choosing your photographer, I believe it is important to make sure they have the ability to edit their photos well. I DO NOT believe they have to edit all of the photographs. Sometimes with additional lighting, a photo can look great right out of the camera. I DO believe that all photographers need to have a healthy grasp on editing. They need to have the ability to make a photo look amazing even when it may not look like that coming out of the camera.

For you photographers out there. I use adobe Lightroom3 for about 95% of all of my editing and Adobe Photoshop for the other 5%.

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