He proposed 20 years ago. She said “yes” but they never made it to the altar. They went on to live separate lives. He took her ring and buried it on the mountain top where he proposed. Two years ago they reconnected and quickly knew it was meant to be and it was time. He went and dug up the ring.

Heather had previously scheduled a couples session with me at Biltmore Estate. Little did she know that Jeremy called me two weeks prior to the shoot. He wanted me to show up early and capture the proposal. We schemed and plotted the specific spot and time. It might have helped that neither one of them had ever laid eyes on me. She had NO clue I was there and thus the real, intimate, emotional moments. Just her and her guy in one of the biggest moments of their life.

I guess they had never lost that genuine love for each other. It was truly meant to be.

Here are a few of my favorite moments with this amazing couple.


It’s time for Mozingo Photography to get raw. Lets be real. Sometimes we take “not so good photos.” Every professional does every once in a while. But whether the photo is executed correctly in the camera or not, I don’t know any professional photographer (worthy of hiring, at least) in the digital era who doesn’t perform some sort of editing before handing off their photos to a client. Because it is such a huge portion of the work we do we wanted to shed some light on what kind of effort goes into making photographs really shine.

After a session we sort though the photos to pick the very best ones and then we edit every “keeper” photo to look its best. Some photos need a fair amount of retouching and others need only a little. Post production on the part of the photographer should be considered when looking at the investment of hiring a professional. So much of our time is spent editing photos to make them really sing!

It’s gutsy for us to share our unedited photos with the world but here are a few examples.

Below is a an example of how we can take a dull uninteresting photo and make it pop. The first is the unaltered RAW file directly out of the camera and the second is a touched up photo.

Mozingo Photography_0008

In this photo the white balance is slightly off. We were able to change it and alter the tone of their skin.

Mozingo Photography_0006

In this photo the flowers are super bright and the couple is shaded. This is an example of how we can use an adjustment brush in Lightroom to help the photo’s exposure look more even.

Mozingo Photography_0007

Sometimes, we love the photo in both color and black and white and will give our clients both edits.

Mozingo Photography_0003

And sometimes I love the photo better in black and white! (But often give the client both edits in case they don’t agree!) 🙂 NOTE: The yellow bell bush is casting a yellow tint on the fella’s face. Black and white can mask any unwanted tints in skin tone.

Mozingo Photography_0004

Mozingo Photography_0005

Over the years, we have found that Nikon cameras interpret white balance (the way colors are designated for a photo) with a little more leaning toward blues and reds. They look a more “cool.” We always lean toward editing our photos a little on the “warmer” side. In the following photo you can see the difference moving from an original “cool” image to a “warm” one.

Mozingo Photography_0009

Now, one of our goals as professionals is to always build our skill set and get the exposure and composition correct in camera. We strive to master camera settings for different environments and situations. We also strive to learn new techniques with reflectors and extra lighting to get the exposure correct. This will significantly lessen our editing time and will always be a goal of ours. However, it is nice to know the occasional incorrectly exposed photo can be saved and made to look it’s best in the editing process.

Shout out and a huge thanks to Brittany and Bob for allowing us to share some of their engagement session! We can’t wait for their wedding in October.

We are getting into this guest blogging stuff. It’s fun and nice to hear from others for a change! This week our guest blogger is StudioWed! Mozingo Photography has been a part of StudioWed since 2011. We adore getting to be a part of this community of wedding professionals! Here is a bit more about the Studio and how it might help you plan your big day!!

Written by Abby Murray-

“StudioWed is a hip and innovative concept in local and destination weddings: a stylish and sophisticated planning studio where the area’s best vendors come to our clients. It was founded in 2008 in Asheville, North Carolina. StudioWed has now franchised to Nashville, Denver, and Atlanta. Our vendors go through an application process which promises our Asheville brides a selection of professional and reliable Asheville area wedding vendors. Our clients can meet with a photographer over coffee in the morning and enjoy a glass of wine as they chat with a florist in the evening. Best of all, there’s no cost to use StudioWed’s services, so they can feel free to spend an entire day, or as many as they need planning for their big day. Whatever the case may be, StudioWed will help design the most spectacular and personalized Asheville wedding imaginable.”

We are also strong believers in the StudioWed culture (Check it out below). A great wedding comes together when you have a team of awesome wedding vendors who not only love to do what they do but also love helping each other out on a wedding day.

Mozingo Photography_0011

“StudioWed Asheville recently moved into a gorgeous new location right outside downtown Asheville. Contact us through the StudioWed site, let us set up the appointments, and then come on in and check out our new space located off Charlotte Street. Happy planning!”

Mozingo Photography_0010