Melanie and Bo’s Asheville Wedding

Melanie and Bo, hands down have the best smiles! Especially on their wedding day. They radiated joy! Michael and I so enjoyed getting to meet them and capture their Asheville wedding.

They were married at the chapel at Asheville School and had their reception at The Farm, A Gathering Place. It was mine and Michael’s first time capturing a wedding at the Chapel at Asheville School and found it absolutely beautiful! What a gem tucked away in Asheville.

Thank you Melanie and Bo for allowing us to share in your special day. You were so kind to us and made us feel like one of your guests!


Now, lets hear from Melanie and Bo!

A bit about Melanie: Melanie is from Durham, NC and attended University of Georgia (Go Dawgs!). She loves UNC basketball, the outdoors, and spending time with her two sweet nieces who live in Atlanta.

A bit about Bo: Bo is from small town Madison, GA and attended Furman University where he was a Four-year letterman on the football team. He is an avid golfer and football fanatic.

How did you meet?  We were set up by mutual friends. I was moving back to Atlanta from Washington, DC and one of my best friends in Atlanta kept telling me about Bo and how I had to meet him the second I moved back. In the meantime, her boyfriend at the time, was also telling him about me. I moved back early June, they introduced us that month, and the rest is history. They are happily married now and we remain best friends here in Atlanta.

Describe your first date? Believe it or not, it was on a Monday night. We met at a local dive bar, Smith’s Old Bar, and had a beer while throwing darts and then headed over to El Taco for a casual Mexican dinner. Super low key.

How long have you been together? We started dating June 2015, so almost 2 years now.

What are your favorite hobbies and activities to do as a couple? We love anything outdoors, especially a good hike! Traveling and spending time with family and friends are on the top of our favorites list as well.

Who popped the question and HOW? Bo popped the question on Sept 24th, 2016. We were planning on going to hike Blood Mountain which is about an hour away from Atlanta. I didn’t expect anything since we had done the hike before..nails were chipped, hair needed to be washed. We got to the top of the mountain around 10am which was relatively early and another guy had JUST proposed at the top. In all of Bo’s hikes there, he had never seen anyone propose and couldn’t believe “someone was stealing his thunder”. Of course me being a typical girl wanted to watch the production of the proposal and Bo was trying to get me to leave to look at a “better” view. When we got to the better view, Bo asked a random guy on the mountain to take a picture of us. Before the guy took the picture, Bo said “Let me get out my handkerchief”. I was thinking why does he need a handkerchief when we are already at the top. Then he pulled out a ring box and got down on bended knee! It was pretty amazing. I was super surprised and the guy got a ton of great candid shots. It didn’t end there. Bo told me we were not going back to Atlanta and it was a surprise where we were going. Shortly after, we pulled in to Highlands, NC and stayed the night there. 🙂

Why did you pick Asheville school and the Farm? We love Western NC and especially Asheville! I loved the idea of getting married there because it was still in my home state but it was far enough away to feel like a destination wedding and for people to make a mini vacation out of it. After visiting around 10 venues in different parts of western NC, we looked at about 5 in Asheville and instantly knew we loved the Farm when we walked up. It was very organic feeling, laid back and beautiful. We both wanted to get married in a church and my mom threw out the idea of Asheville Church since it was so close to the venue and she actually knew a couple of people that had attended. We went to visit the chapel and fell in love with it. The stained glass windows, the stonework and the beautiful campus made it an easy sell.

What adjective best describes your spouse on your wedding day? Joyful, excited, emotional, handsome, shining

What tangible detail of your wedding day did you love the most?  My dress. I kept it a secret from everyone the whole time and I was SO excited for people to finally see it and love it as much as I did. Bo would say the Ford Model A that he found for our exit. It was really cool to ride in something so old!

How many guests attended the wedding? Approximately 140 people

What did you and your guests eat at the reception? We ate flank steak with chimichurri sauce, bacon wrapped pork tenderloin, shrimp & grits, roasted vegetables, truffle mac n cheese, and kale caesar salad. The hors d’oeuvres that were passed were chicken and waffle bites, pot stickers, and pimento cheese hush puppies. All of it was delicious!!

What was the flavor of your wedding cake? We had 3 flavors- Carrot (my favorite), Almond, and Marble.

What is the one of the funniest things that happened on your wedding day? It was certainly not funny at the time but looking back it is because it is typical me. I forgot to get my veil and my mom noticed while we were waiting in the trolley about to head to the church. Oh, and I also forgot to put my garter on. Oops!!

What was your first dance song and why did you pick it? “Die a Happy Man” by Thomas Rhett. I have always thought it was a sweet song and I love country music. Bo’s dad is from Valdosta, GA and knew Thomas Rhett’s grandfather through his little league baseball team. We thought it was a cool connection in addition to loving the song.

What stood out to you the most when you think of your wedding? I would say the wedding ceremony in general. Since we did not do a first look, it was really special to see Bo’s face as he saw me for the first time when the chapel doors opened. I will never forget the look on his face. After the ceremony, all the guests lined up to throw white rose petals at us. It made for some cool pictures and I thought it was a fun, pretty “entrance” as a married couple.

What is on your “bucket list” to do together as a married couple? We are getting a dog in June (our wedding present to each other) which was our first item on our bucket list! Next is to have a big, healthy family.

Now lets back up and start this day at the beginning! The first Look with Dad brought us all to tears!
First look with Bridesmaids made us smile. As Melanie said she kept her dress a secret until the great reveal!
Bo and the fellas heading to Asheville School on the trolley!
Shout out to Emily with Emily Anne Hair. You made an already gorgeous girl look even more gorgeous!
The beautiful chapel at Asheville School!
Melanie and her mom. I love this moment!
The back of Melanie’s dress was stunning!
Melanie, we are so glad you didn’t forget that veil. 🙂
We loved Bo’s turkey feather bow tie. Also, this is one of our favorite candids of him. Waiting on his bride!
See what I mean about those smiles?!? The best ever!
This is one of my absolute favorite moments! The guests threw rose petals as Melanie and Bo left the church.
Candids of the guests. It was SUCH a gorgeous March day and joy was in the air.
This moment… Not sure what happened here, but it makes us smile so much.
While I, Meriah am taking the group photos, Michael takes candids of the family members hanging out waiting to have their photos made. Such a great time to capture moments of the people Melanie and Bo love mostest. 😉
Trolley rides are a great time to capture fun moments too.
Grandmother looking at the ring.
As Melanie and Bo exited the trolley cheers erupted from their friends and family.
We never got fake smiles from this couple. Such sincerity!
Shout out to Inspired Design for the beautiful flowers!
Introducing Mr. and Mrs. Moore!
Parent Dances!
Welcome by Dad was a bit tearful and so beautiful.
Shout out to Anita and Party Life for the wonderful entertainment!
The delicious cake was by Gateaux Cakes!


Shout out to these vendors that made this day awesome!

Ceremony Venue: The Chapel at Asheville School

Reception Venue: The Farm, A Gathering Place

Coordinator: Kirin with The Farm

Dress Designer: Lela Rose, purchased at Kelly’s Closet in Atlanta

Bridesmaid’s Makeup: Melissa with Pop of Color

Hair: Emily with Emily Anne Hair

Floral: Inspired Design

Caterer: The Farm

Band: Anita and Party Life

Minister: Rev. Duff

Cake: Gateaux Cakes

Rental Company: Classic Event Rental

Video: Reel Weddings

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Biltmore Wedding Photographer – A Diana Wedding with Whitney and Sam!

Whitney and Sam were married at Diana, one of our favorite spots on the Biltmore Estate! The fall color was peak and the sun was out to keep us warm!

This was our first event with the fabulous planner, Kiersa Holy. We were so excited to FINALLY get to hang out with her and see her creativity come alive. We have known her for some time and met because we are both a part of StudioWed.

Whitney said she wanted her theme to be “Downton Abbey meets Gatsby.” I would say they nailed it!

One of my personal favorite details from the big day was this aisle!! Shout out to Blossoms of Biltmore Park for their fantastic floral!


Here is a bit more from Whitney and Sam on themselves and their special day!

A bit about Whitney: I am 5′ 1″ fireball that loves the ocean; sharks; Hawaii; waterfalls; my husband, three cats and dog; and all things 1920s and 1960s. Currently, I am a Master’s candidate in Homeland Security. My dream is to specialize in human rights and national security law at Georgetown University and be a prosecutor of war crimes at the International Criminal Court in The Netherlands.
A bit about Sam: I like outdoor activities, mainly hiking, kayaking, canoeing and camping, with our dog, Sage. My favorite hobby is video games, even though Whitney thinks I am too old to play them! I currently work from the comforts of home which leaves me plenty of time to play disc golf during my lunch break. It is a pretty sweet gig!
How did you meet? We met during our Composition I course on the first day of college. I vividly remember looking at him across the room and thinking, “Hm. What if I married that guy one day?” We have been the best of friends since!
Describe your first date? Neither of us remember our first date, so it must have been something really spectacular! Hahaha!
How long have you been together?
We were an “unofficial” couple for three years, because Sam was too nervous to ask me out on a date. But people always assumed that we were actually dating. We started officially dating in January 2014, and the rest is history! It is crazy to us that we have known each other for nearly seven years!
What are your favorite hobbies and activities to do as a couple? We LOVE to dive with sharks and explore every waterfall. Our favorite non-adventure hobby is to watch CNN, eat too much Marco’s Pizza and devour all Ultimate Ice Cream flavors. Haha!

Who popped the question and HOW? Sam proposed on February 27, 2015. He surprised me with a weekend trip to Orange Beach, AL and dropped to one knee under the most GORGEOUS ocean sunset I have ever seen!! My engagement ring is a 1920s antique piece that I lovely named Miss Eleanor.
Why did you pick Asheville and Diana at Biltmore Estate? My family and I have been visiting the Biltmore since my childhood. Mom always mentions how I said one Christmas, “Mom, I’m going to get married at the Biltmore one day.” Asheville had received the most snow in a decade that Christmas, so I guess the Biltmore filled my imagination with Disney fairytales! We chose the Diana at Biltmore, because the view is unmatched. The row of autumn trees, the Biltmore itself, the mountains, the Diana statue – everything was simply perfect.

What adjective best describes your spouse on your wedding day? Sam was the epitome of calm, cool and collected. Everyone says that he was chilling in his room eating quesadillas, while I was about to be physically ill from nerves!

Whitney was the poster child for a nervous wreck. When we saw each other for the first look pictures, I thought she was going to faint! But she was still beautiful as ever – even if she was as pale as a ghost. Haha!

What tangible detail of your wedding day did you love the most?
Whitney here… Growing up, Dad would leave post-it notes everywhere. That was his thing. He passed away in December 2012, so Mom attached inside my wedding dress skirt a note that he had written me years ago. I will treasure that gesture forever and ever.
I, Sam, would say that my favorite detail was the location. There is nothing more beautiful than Biltmore in October.
How many guests attended the wedding?  Around 50. We wanted to keep the wedding as intimate as possible, so only family and super close friends were invited. The wedding theme was Great Gatsby meets Downton Abbey, and all of the guests dressed in fabulous 1920s attire. It was too much fun!!!!!

What did you and your guests eat at the reception? We had an incredible multi-course meal crafted by Chef Alex. The main entrees were grouper and bacon-wrapped venison with seasonal veggies. The dessert was obviously wedding cake, and the after party snacks were the most delicious graham cracker smores and habanero chicken and waffles!!
What was the flavor of your wedding cake?
The wedding cake was red velvet, and the groom’s cake was pumpkin. Both were incredible!! We dream about eating them often.

What is the one of the funniest things that happened on your wedding day? Sam did not understand the concept that the bottom layer of the wedding cake was Styrofoam. I kept telling him that it was fake, but he kept replying, “No no. It’s just really frozen!” As more people gathered around to witness, the more flustered I was becoming that he would not listen. Eventually, he broke the custom cake cutting knife I had ordered and realized it was actually Styrofoam. I still tease him about it!

What was your first dance song and why did you pick it? Our first dance was to Lana Del Rey’s “Young and Beautiful”. Although, it was the main song of The Great Gatsby soundtrack, the lyrics are what touched us most – “Will you still love me when I’m no longer young and beautiful? Will you still love me when I’ve got nothing but my aching soul? I know you will, I know you will.” To us, that is the epitome of marriage!

What stood out to you the most when you think of your wedding? I absolutely love fireworks. We have watched them on the beach for all major holidays. I even dreamed of fireworks during my proposal and was admittedly heartbroken when that did not happen. So, Mom gifted us with a fireworks show during our reception. It was literally the most magical and stunning moment of my life. Only us and Mom knew that there would be a fireworks show, so it was priceless to see the looks of our guests when the first sparks illuminated in the sky over the Biltmore house.

What is on your “bucket list” to do together as a married couple? Once we purchase our first home in Asheville, we are going to do a “world tour”. Instead of a wedding book, we had our guests initial on a vintage globe over the country they would most love to visit. Our goal is to enjoy every one of those countries before our 5th anniversary!


It was peak week here in the Mountains of WNC. The wedding party got ready at the Inn at Biltmore. Check out those views!

Whitney’s dad has passed away. Whitney wanted to include him in on her wedding day so she had her bouquet wrapped in his neck tie. Her mom also surprised her by pinning a hand written note in her dress from her dad. I may have teared up when I saw that one. I love how they included him in their day.

Sam’s gift to Whitney brought on some beautiful emotion as well.

Kristen from Blush Asheville rocked the makeup. She and I both love it when a bride sits down and says “Put on as much makeup as you can!” She wanted a Gatsby/1920’s look and Kristen did a fabulous job!

Sweet little wedding baby and her beautiful momma!

Selfie moment! Shout out to Lola Salon for the fabulous hair and Blush Asheville for all 3 girl’s makeup!

After the first look moment. LOVE the back of her dress!

To the ceremony!

For dad.

Whitney’s arrival on a horse and carriage!




To the reception!

Shout out to Classic Event Rental for their lovely tent, chandeliers, and furniture! Their tent up at Diana is killer!

Loved their Gatsby themed cake by the fabulous pastry chef at Biltmore.

The Groom’s cake!

They had their guests sign post cards of Biltmore with well wishes. What a unique detail!

We also really loved all their Gatsby themed signs by Baggie Goose. They even had one in the lady’s “powder room!”

The Pamela Jones band entertained us during cocktail hour and dinner.

First Dance!

I loved how many of the guests got into the theme of the wedding. Everyone looked fabulous!


Bright Light DJ kept that dance floor hoping!

I snuck back out to the ceremony site to capture some night shots.

I love it when the couple surprises their guests with a firework show! It was one of the best I have ever seen at Biltmore!

The day after their wedding we did a “Rock the Frock” around the property. This was a chance for Whitney and Sam to get dressed back up in their wedding attire and take advantage of more photography. The Biltmore property is so massive that it is almost impossible capture all the cool locations in one day.

Shout out to Lola Salon for Whitney’s hair and makeup on this day!

This brilliant tree!!

And a field of corn!

Shout out to these wedding professionals who pulled off this awesome wedding celebration!

Venue – Diana at Biltmore Estate
Wedding coordinator – Kiersa Holy with Events by Kiersa
Venue coordinator – Melissa Jones
Dress Designer – Wedding Dress – a custom Sherri Hill Couture,
Makeup artist – Kristen with Blush Asheville
Hair designer – Liz with Lola Salon
Floral designer – Blossoms of Biltmore Park
Caterer – Biltmore
DJ – Bright Light DJ
Band – Pamela Jones Band
Minister or officiant – Brother Larry Hudson
Signage and Invitations – Baggie Goose
Cake designer – Biltmore
Limo or car service – Elite Limo
Videographer – Timm Young with Timm Young Films
Rental – Classic Event Rental

To view more of our portfolio check out our website!–> Biltmore Wedding Photographer

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Lisa and Will’s Asheville Wedding


Lisa and Will had a lovely January Asheville wedding. They were married at Trinity Episcopal Church and had their reception at Biltmore Forest Country Club.
I had the pleasure of photographing their engagement session back in the fall and found out at that time what a great couple they are; easy going and so happy together!

More from us later but here is a bit from Lisa and Will!

A bit about Lisa
I have been a cardiology ICU nurse for over 20 years. I love the outdoors, going out to dinner, travel and spending time with my three dogs. I love all animals! In my line of work I don’t get a chance to be “fancy” often so when I get the chance I LOVE to dress up and be “fancy”.

A bit about Will
Will has been a cardiologist in Asheville for 18 years. He loves all outdoor sports and also loves travel, going out to dinner and adventure. He has two grown daughters who have graduated from college and started their own careers. They were both bridesmaids in our wedding.

How did you meet?
Long story made short; we worked together and were friends for many years. When both our circumstances changed we found ourselves spending time together outside of work then we were inseparable.

Describe your first date?
We had everything we both loved from the beginning. We went for a hike with a gourmet picnic, a bottle of wine, and Lisa’s dogs.

How long have you been together?
Hmmmm….. depends on who you ask. 🙂

What are your favorite hobbies and activities to do as a couple?
Cook together, eating “al fresco” on our back patio, going out to dinner, hiking with our dogs, skiing, and traveling.

Who popped the question and HOW?
Will popped the question. Lisa and I custom designed a ring using a beautiful solitaire diamond and diamonds from Lisa’s grandmother’s jewelry. The design process took a lot longer than anticipated and it was not clear when it would be finished. Will had planned an elaborate proposal but when the ring was finished and he saw how beautiful it was he could not wait another day and proposed that rainy night on our back patio where we had already had so many wonderful dinners and memories.

Why did you pick Trinity Episcopal Church and Biltmore Forest Country Club?
Will is a life long Episcopalian and wanted to be married in the church. He attended Trinity Episcopal and was a member at Biltmore Forest Country Club.

What adjective best describes your spouse on your wedding day?
Will: Lisa was radiant, beautiful, and glamorous.
Lisa: Will was calm, handsome, and happy.

What tangible detail of your wedding day did you love the most?
Will: Our wedding rings which were both engraved with “No doubt, no fear, you and me forever” inside each band.
Lisa: My grandmothers diamond watch. She was so special to me and it served as my “something borrowed” since it was borrowed from my mother.

How many guests attended the wedding?
Approximately 120.

What did you and your guests eat at the reception?
Poached salmon and prime rib.

What was the flavor of your wedding cake?
Alternating tiers of carrot cake and vanilla cake with raspberry filing.

What is the one of the funniest things that happened on your wedding day?
Lisa: When my dress was torn while we were making photos outside and my amazing wedding photographer whipped out a sewing kit and mended the dress on the spot (with perfect results) and saved the day.
Will: When the groom and groomsmen skirted the no alcohol rule at Trinity Episcopal by walking up to the The Blackbird and relaxing with a beer prior to the ceremony.

What was your first dance song and why did you pick it?
“A Thousand Years” by Christina Perri. Lisa loves that song and we feel like our love will last a thousand years.

What stood out to you the most when you think of your wedding?
All of our family and friends in one place, all together at the same time. It was the first time that both of our families had met face to face and it went beautifully as if they had known each other for years.

What is on your “bucket list” to do together as a married couple?
To stay healthy, grow our love to our golden years, travel the world and have as many adventures together as possible.


We loved the detail in Lisa’s dress. She picked out a stunning dress for her winter wedding. I thought the sleeve looked like icicles! 🙂


Will’s two daughters looked stunning in their black dresses and fur shrugs.

I love this moment with both Lisa and Will’s mothers looking at Lisa in all her bridal beauty!
You can really tell these guys had a great time together. 🙂
Yes this is January and yes that is a rose bush in bloom! 🙂
Sunshine never disappoints and this was a beautiful day for January. Lisa was such a beautiful bride. We loved every detail of her attire.
These guys had a great time together. Michael had fun capturing some candid moments of them hanging out.
This was truly a family affair. Will had drinks with his two brothers, and Lisa’s brother at The Black Bird before the ceremony.

Let the ceremony begin!
We had to stay in the back during the ceremony due to the church rules…. so thankful that Michael was able to capture this beautiful moment with Will wiping away a tear as he saw his bride walking down the aisle.
We somehow always seem to capture a photo of the groom carrying the bride’s flowers. Thanks for helping out Will!
Mr. GQ.
Mrs. Beautiful.
Onward to the reception at Biltmore Forest Country Club!
Shout out to Luck with The Flower Gallery Asheville for the beautiful floral!
Introducing Mr. and Mrs.!
The toast brought on loads of laughter and sweet moments. Possibly my favorite photos of the day!
Candid moments are our favorite. Everyone was having SUCH a good time!
First dance love.
Parent dances!

Congrats Will and Lisa! We wish you many more years of happiness and joy.

Shout out to these wedding professionals that made this day so fantastic!

Wedding coordinator – Michelle with Party Envy

Venue coordinator – Trish Shands at Biltmore Forest Country Club

Dress Designer – Haley Paige

Where you purchased your dress – Wildflower Bridal

Makeup artist – Lola Salon and Gallery

Hair designer – Rebecca at Lola Salon and Gallery

Floral designer – The Flower Gallery Asheville

Caterer – Biltmore Forest Country Club

Band – The Emporiums

Officiant – Reverend Scott White,  Trinity Episcopal Church

Cake Designer – Biltmore Forest Country Club

Limo or car service –  Carolina Limosine

Videographer – Asheville Videography

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