Kristen + Blake’s Grove Park Inn Wedding!

Kristen and Blake had a gorgeous Grove Park Inn wedding in September. The day was cloudy but the mountains seemed to show off despite it.

Kristen and Blake were SO much fun to work with. Their story of how they met is one of my favorites as well. Hint… it involves meeting on a cruise boat! (See their story below the photos!)

As you will see, when you scroll through the images, they are goofballs and love to have fun. Especially Blake. We love, love, loved getting to share in their joy and will remember this day well. Thanks Kristen and Blake for being so awesome to us Mozingos.

We never get sad about a chance of rain on wedding days. Those clouds and that sun peeking through over the mountains is glorious!

The mountain view terrace is a stunning place to have a Grove Park Inn Wedding. Complete with fire pit and views that are to die for.

We loved this. Custom socks for the bridesmaids and bride!

Custom made shirts!

Matching PJ’s and custom champagne glasses. Kristen had some awesome details!

Such a beautiful bride, inside and out!

Candid moments with the dads.

The man… Blake.

We love that Meriah got a shot of the gals toasting and Michael got a shot of the guys toasting… completely unplanned!

These moments make me smile.

Just being chill.

Through the bridesmaid’s eyes.

A special moment with Kristen’s cousin and mothers putting on the “memory charms” on Kristen’s bouquet.

Such a fun group of gals!

Shout out to Wendy with Blush Asheville for the gorgeous bridal makeup!

Kristen’s first look with her dad had us all in tears.

Kristen’s mom and brother were crying too. It was beautiful.

This guy.

Bobby with Bobby/Marks design did an incredible job on the flowers!

Let the ceremony begin!

This wedding was full of so many beautiful smiles. Seriously though!

Snap chat at the end of the aisle for the win!

That wedding arch though… <3

Let the goofiness begin!

Blake trying to twirl Kristen for the videographer and Krisen tripping all over her dress! It was hilarious!

This photo sums up their personalities so well. 🙂

Onward to the reception!

The introductions were hilarious!!

Especially when Kristen’s brother busted out a back flip!

Introducing….. !!!!

The dips.

We love working with Mark with Bobby/Marks Design. (That’s him kissing Blake!) He was super organized and on point with this wedding.

Party on!

Congrats Kristen and Blake! We wish you MANY years of happiness and joy!

Now, lets hear a bit more from this awesome team about themselves, how they met, and their wedding!

How did you meet?
We met at a blackjack table during a Caribbean Cruise in 2011. Blake (after many drinks) was dishing out his best pick-up lines on Kristen but she was not having it! After years of randomly staying in touch and trying to get her to visit me in Denver, we finally found a way to see each other again when I moved to Charlotte. We immediately reconnected and the rest is history.

Describe your first date?
Our first date was to the ACC Football Championship in 2013. Her team (FSU) was playing Duke and I had just moved to Charlotte. She had Tickets and I had a Spare room for her to stay in. By the end of the game – we were already planning our trip to California to watch our teams in the National Championship

How long have you been together?
4 Years

What are your favorite hobbies and activities to do as a couple?
We love cooking together at the end of a long day. Anything Outdoors (Hiking, Biking, Paddle Boarding, Taking the Dogs to the Park) Sounds odd but we absolutely love just relaxing together while watching a movie or playing card games.

Who popped the question and HOW?
Blake popped the question during July 4th Celebration in 2016. Our families were together at Blake’s Family Cabin in North GA. Every year, they shoot fireworks on the lake so we were all out on the boat together. Only his dad knew so we went out a little early to catch the sunset and I asked while taking some pictures with her. Blake’s dad had some champagne ready to go!

Why did you pick Asheville and the Omni Grove Park Inn?
The beauty of living in NC is you have every environment (mountains to oceans). Kristen and I love taking days to ourselves and exploring the state on spontaneous adventures. Some days, we’ll just wake up, get in the car, and see where we end up. From our hiking and skiing trips together, the mountains have always been our favorite so we knew we wanted the wedding to be around that area. Plus, with 90%+ of our guests coming from out of town, we wanted to give them a venue that captured the natural beauty of NC – not city streets. With the mountains, breweries, and food – Asheville was a no-brainer.

While checking out different wedding venues, Blake’s Parents recommended having a quick lunch at the Grove Park. Walking in, the whole venue just captured us! The fireplaces… The Spa… The View… It’s a nationally known historic resort and the building speaks for itself. With this being a once in a lifetime occasion, we knew this was the place.

What adjective best describes your spouse on your wedding day?
From Blake – Kristen was “Gitty”. Just a combination of excitement, joy, and fear of messing up the wedding vows.

From Kristen – Blake was emotional. He couldn’t control his happy tears or the excitement of marrying the love of his life.

What tangible detail of your wedding day did you love the most? (cake, dress, special item?)
The photobooth – in the beginning, I didn’t think it was that important but Kristen insisted and she was definitely right on that one! It’s so funny to go back and look at all our guests just having fun, posing with props, and silently getting wilder as the night (Drinks) carried on….

How many guests attended the wedding?
166 – although we’ve been told we had some wedding crashers join us from the bars… 😉

What did you and your guests eat at the reception?
Chicken Roulade with Cheesy Risotto and Roasted Veggies

What was the flavor of your wedding cake?
Vanilla Butter Cake with Strawberries and Grand Marnier Whipped Cream
Chocolate Sponge Cake with While Chocolate Mousse

What is one of the funniest things that happened on your wedding day?
The glow Light rods on the Dancefloor. This was a complete surprise to us but everyone loved them and they were a huge hit! We have so many videos of people acting out crazy dance moves with them!

What was your first dance song and why did you pick it?
Oasis by A Great Big World. It’s a song about someone finding that one and only person who knows them completely. Knows about their best, their worst, and all the weird unique things that makes them, them. Being with that other person, makes the other feel they can overcome any challenge that lies ahead as along as they’re together – isn’t that was marriage is in a nutshell? Lastly, the cruise ship we met on was named Oasis…

What stood out to you the most when you think of your wedding?
From Blake – When I first saw her coming down the isle. I was already emotionally excited but that sent me over the top. Everything else was just blocked out. Seeing all my family (from both sides) coming together as one was a very close second.

From Kristen – Doing the first look with my father and brother. They are usually very strong but it was very sweet to see all the emotions of happiness and pride coming out of them! Also, seeing Blake’s face when the live song was played in front of us.

What is on your “bucket list” to do together as a married couple?
Start a Family. Travel to our “Top 10 List” (places we’ve always wanted to see) Always encourage each others dreams. Never forget that were stronger together, even when we don’t always get along.

Shout out to these professionals that made this day so amazing.

Wedding Planning and Design – Mark Arrington with Bobby/Mark’s Design
Dress Designer – Matthew Christopher
Where you purchased your dress – Ladies of Lineage
Makeup artist – Wendy with Blush Asheville
Hair designer – Amanda Hughes with Hughes Hair Design
Floral designer – Bobby with Bobby/Mark’s Design
Caterer – Omni Grove Park Inn
DJ or Band – Allegro Music (ceremony); SiFi – Simon (cocktail hour & reception)
Officiant – Philip Lingle with Asheville Marriages
Cake designer – Grove Park Inn
Rental Company- Classic Event Rental
Videographer – A Beautiful Life Films

To view more of our portfolio check it out here–> Asheville Wedding Photographer


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Jodi + Ryan’s Asheville Wedding!

Jodi and Ryan will forever be one of our favorite couples. I do believe we can call them friends and not just clients. They had a glorious Asheville Wedding starting at the Omni Grove Park Inn and ending at the Century Room in downtown Asheville.

One of my favorite things about this couple is their honesty and sense of humor. They met online and she pretty much blew him off for about 3 months. He persisted (see image below) and finally won the girl. We love their story! (You can read more about it at the bottom of this blog post!)

This might be some of my favorite wedding shoes ever. Wow!

The details.

The back of that dress!!! <3

We loved this necklace given to Jodi by her soon to be mother in law! It complimented her dress so well!

Mother of the bride moment.

Peeking at the guest arriving!

Ring bearer and his dad. I love this candid moment.

Flower girl and Mariah. (The awesome Mariah is the daughter of Ryan!)


Ryan and his uncle, who was the best man.

The lovely Jodi and her bridesmaids!

So debonair.

Jodi was a stunning bride!

Shout out to Bobby with Bobby/Mark’s Design for these amazing flowers.

Jodi is gorgeous.

This was one of my favorite moments of the day. Jodi and Ryan had an “around the door” moment. She did not want him to see her but they wanted to talk and exchange/read letters to each other. All he had to do was see her hand and he lost it.

Then he saw his daughter Mariah. This one had us choked up for sure.

The ceremony was on the Vanderbilt Terrace at the Grove Park Inn.

We love you Ryan!

Jodi has the best smile. She was so so happy to be marrying her love.

Candid moment with family and friends.

Moments with Mariah.

These shoes may be pretty…

But they had to come off! 🙂

This day was gorgeous. This couple was amazing. What chemistry!

Trolley Ride to Packs Tavern!

The Century Room at Packs Tavern.

First dance moments.

Parent Dances!

A dance with his daughter.

Which ended with a dance with his girls.

Welcome speech and toast!

Party Time!

Party time for most that is.

Congrats Jodi and Ryan!! Cheers to an amazing life together!

Now, here is a bit more of Jodi and Ryan’s Story!

A bit about Jodi: (as written by Ryan) – Jodi is as sweet as she is beautiful.. She’s a loving wife, step mom, daughter, sister and friend. She loves music, especially going to see a live show from one our our favorite bands, at any chance we get. Her health is also very important to her and she takes great care of herself by working out and playing tennis. She is easy to love (except when UGA football is on ?) and she makes everyone around her feel really special. She’s also my favorite person in the whole world.

A bit about Ryan: Ryan is living proof that good men exist. He has the biggest heart and is genuinely kind and honest. He is from the Midwest and I think they just make them better up there. Ryan loves soccer. He plays it, watches it, and reads about it. He is always up on the newest and best soccer gear and plays in 3 leagues here in Atlanta. He is a wonderful father to Mariah and is handy around the house and cooks! My friends ask me to clone him but I think I’ll just keep him all for myself. :).

How did you meet? On a dating app called Hinge. Ryan messaged me 3 times over 3 months before I responded. I finally wrote him back and once I did our conversation didn’t stop. Talking to him was so natural. He was cute, charming, and genuine. It didn’t take long to figure out we had a lot in common.

Describe your first date? Ha. Funny story actually. We had dinner plans to go to a Spanish tapas restaurant in Atlanta. I meant to take nausea medicine when I got home from work that day but accidentally took an ambien. I pushed back our date a couple of hours and slept it off, showered, and drank coffee before he picked me up. I am so glad I still went. He was a gentleman and I instantly felt connected and attracted to the person he was. He got my attention and I wanted to know more and more about him. We had our second date just two days later and then the 3rd two days after that. Our time together quickly became frequent.

How long have you been together? 2 years in October.

What are your favorite hobbies and activities to do as a couple? Going to see music. We love going to shows. Specifically, The Avett Brothers and Kings of Leon, but we just love live music.

Who popped the question and HOW? Ryan asked me to marry him. He had a car pick me up from work and bring me to him at the place where we had our first date, Barcelona. He had both of our families there hiding around the corner. They came out as he started to talk to me about our relationship and surrounded us as he asked me to marry him. It was perfect. Then we got to enjoy a meal and toast as a family together. The manager at the restaurant was so moved he recorded the whole thing and every time we go back there they send out champagne on the house.

Why did you pick Asheville and the Omni Grove Park Inn? It was one of the easiest wedding decisions we made. We both had an individual love and appreciation for Asheville already. We went up last October to look around and quickly decided on the Century Room after Ryan told me about his favorite wedding he had attended there and we got a tour. Afterwards, we went to Grove Park Inn to celebrate our decision and enjoy the views and we saw them setting up the Vanderbilt terrace for a wedding. We talked to staff and with a look to each other knew we had to do our ceremony there.

What adjective best describes your spouse on your wedding day?

Ryan was amazing. He looked amazing, his words were amazing, his emotion amazed me. Everything about him was and is amazing.

Jodi was stunning. I knew she would look beautiful, like she always does, but she stopped the show. Not only with her outward beauty, but with the sentiment and sincerity that poured from her heart during her vows. I was truly in awe of my wife, a feeling I’ll never let go of.

What tangible detail of your wedding day did you love the most?

I loved my Grandmother’s diamond earrings that my Aunt brought to me to wear and the Chuppah my mom made for the ceremony.

I loved Jodi’s dress. It was sexy but classic and elegant at the same time. I also have to mention the brass train cuff links that belonged to my Grandfather. I kept them in my pocket through the whole ceremony.

How many guests attended the wedding? 117

What did you and your guests eat at the reception? We had food stations: a mac & cheese bar, pimento cheese sliders, roasted vegetables, chicken and artichoke skewers, meatballs and more.

What was the flavor of your wedding cake? It was my Mom’s famous lemon cake. Her Mom, my grandmother, always made it and it has since been passed down to my Mom. She made, iced and transported the whole cake. We are very appreciative and impressed.

What is the one of the funniest things that happened on your wedding day? The toasts from both the best man and maid of honor were pretty funny! Ryan and I also had some humor in our vows.

What was your first dance song and why did you pick it? Swept Away (sentimental version) by the Avett Brothers. We picked it because we love the Avett Brothers and the song is beautiful and Ryan has definitely swept me away with his love.

What stood out to you the most when you think of your wedding? Both of us answered this with “Our vows to each other” and having our parents hold the Chuppah that my Mom made over us was pretty awesome.

What is on your “bucket list” to do together as a married couple? We want to travel to the Pacific Northwest, to Europe, and to add to our family.

Shout out to these professionals that made this wedding amazing.

Wedding planning and design – Mark Arrington with Bobby Marks Designs
Venue coordinator – Chandler Guess and Lizzy at The Century Room at Pack’s Tavern
Dress Designer – Watters Willowby Miriam (With custom made straps!)
Where you purchased your dress – Atlanta Bride Couture
Makeup artist – Keri Campbell Sims of Davao
Hair designer – Laura Silverstein of Davao and the Bride’s sister
Floral designer – Bobby Hill of Bobby Marks Designs
Caterer – Pack’s Tavern
DJ or Band – DJ Tech from Sound Extreme
Officiant – Adam Baird (Groom’s Brother)
Cake designer – Rita Silverstein (Mother of the Bride)
Rental company – Classic Event Rental
Limo or car service – Gray Line Trolley
Videographer – Wedding Mix App/Cameras
Wedding hashtag- #ifyoureabairdimabaird

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Elizabeth + David’s Grand Bohemian Wedding!

Elizabeth and David… aka Dr Dray and Mr Rogers had a stunningly beautiful Grand Bohemian wedding back in August. You guys! I will say more about this awesome wedding throughout but for now you HAVE to read the answers they gave to the questionnaire we sent them. Michael and I laughed so hard when we read it. Elizabeth and David are a delight to comedy!

A bit about Elizabeth:
Elizabeth is a professional urologist and amateur Game of Thrones theorist .

A bit about David:
David is a software developer who typically makes excellent decisions.  Notable exceptions to this include taking up piano at a late age and signing up for Tinder.

How did you meet?
We swiped right.

Describe your first date?
Envision a freshman film appreciation class and then imagine it with drunk 35 year olds.

How long have you been together?
2.5 years.

What are your favorite hobbies and activities to do as a couple?
We enjoy talking and not talking. We could talk or not talk all day and still have things to not talk about.

Who popped the question and HOW?
David proposed in Central Park during a surprise trip to New York. Elizabeth caught on to this ruse after he responded to “what do you want to do today?” with “would you like to go shopping?”.

Why did you pick Asheville and The Grand Bohemian?
Asheville is Elizabeth’s hometown and David has an affinity for taxidermy.

What adjective best describes your spouse on your wedding day?
David: Elated
Elizabeth: Sedated

What tangible detail of your wedding day did you love the most?
Riding in Elizabeth’s godfather’s 1965 Rolls-Royce.

How many guests attended the wedding?

What did you and your guests eat at the reception?
Elizabeth enjoyed a steady diet of pure anxiety-induced epinephrine, the remainder of the guests dined on steak and sea bass.

What was the flavor of your wedding cake?
Italian zuccotto

What is the one of the funniest things that happened on your wedding day?
An unforeseen flood resulting from our structurally unsound champagne fountain.

What was your first dance song and why did you pick it?
The Promise, and we kind of didn’t. We were expecting Wild Horses, which led to a few moments of confusion before we ultimately busted out our meticulously choreographed dance moves (sway, sway, sway, repeat).

What stood out to you the most when you think of your wedding?
David: The way Elizabeth looked.
Elizabeth: The way I looked.

What is on your “bucket list” to do together as a married couple?
We would like to go on safari, but as my parents are convinced that 100% of people who go on safari are trampled by rhinoceroses, we may need to settle for Busch Gardens.

This wedding was so gorgeous you guys! Shout out to Beth and her team from Studio Flora Diva on their masterpieces!

This delicious cake was done by the amazing Karen Donatelli!

Elizabeth and her 2 bridesmaids were such a joy to be around.

I love this moment with Elizabeth’s dad and David.

Elizabeth’s necklace was made from her grandmother’s broach. I love the sentiment behind this necklace.

That bouquet though… Amazing!

Hair by the awesome Jenna who was working with Blush Asheville.

I am IN LOVE with Elizabeth’s unique bridal gown.

Shout out to Wendy with Blush Asheville for this amazing-ness. I mean, Elizabeth is already gorgeous. Wendy just enhanced that with her mad skills.

Mr. Rogers killing it in front of the camera.

This is quiet possibly one of our favorite photos ever… and it was completely by accident. Meriah was just shooting photos of Elizabeth in her godfather’s 1965 Rolls-Royce. Little did I realize that her godfather’s reflection was in the window as he was helping her in.

Off to the church! The Ceremony was held at St. Mary’s Episcopal Church.

Flower crowns on the flower girls. This is the best!

Elizabeth and her mother having a beautiful moment together. Elizabeth left her bouquet with St. Mary.


Game of thrones?

Grand Bohemian weddings are some of our favorites. This ballroom is GORGEOUS.

Dr. Dray and Mr. Rogers.

Toast and welcome by the Father of the Father of the Bride.

Elizabeth’s lovely, lovely mother! (A judge here in Asheville!)

This champagne fountain pouring will go down in history. He did so well… Elizabeth though… 😉

Toast by the MOH!

This was a first for us! Cigars with the bride and her people. Why not?!

Congrats Elizabeth and David! Your wedding day was so much fun. We loved getting to meet you both and celebrate with you!

Shout out to these professionals that made this day so incredible.

Wedding Ceremony Venue: St. Mary’s Episcopal Church Asheville
Reception Venue: The Asheville Grand Bohemian Hotel
Wedding Corrdination and Planning by: M+J Events
Floral: Studio Flora Diva
Makeup and Hair: Wendy and Jenna with Blush Asheville
Calligraphy: Catherine Langsdorf with Long Village Studio
Cocktail Hour Music: Richard Shulman on the baby grand piano
Reception Band: Kat Williams and The RStrio
Cake by: Karen Donatelli
Rentals: Classic Event Rental and BBJ Linens

To Check out more of our work check out our Asheville Wedding galleries.

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