Kristi + Thomas’ Old Edwards Wedding!

Kristi and Thomas were married in Highlands at the glorious Farm at Old Edwards Inn.  So much beauty!  I can’t help but think what a contrast the setting must have been for so many of the guests traveling in from Texas!  We live in the mountains and there is just something extra special about Highlands.  It was such a lovely wedding day.  There was a genuine spirit of hospitality from Thomas’ parents as they hosted everyone in their hometown.  The stories told throughout the day along with all the smiles shared really showed off how much Kristi and Thomas are loved by their friends and family.  It was an honor for us to be there and to photograph all these great moments.

Kristi and Thomas have such great chemistry and literally the best smiles ever.
Let’s back up to the beginning of the day. This historic Inn is where the guys got ready in downtown Highlands.
Old Edwards Inn is stunning!
The Farm is just down the road from the Inn and is where the ceremony and reception was held. We simply swooned over this new ceremony pavilion!
The reception hall at the Farm was nothing short of stunning. Mary Bell Events and the Bloom Room nailed the design!

Kristi’s skin was flawless! Wendy, with Blush Asheville, did a fantastic job making sure Kristi’s natural beauty was enhanced!
Cheers girls!

Thomas’ smile is simply THE BEST.
First signs of Fall beginning to appear.
Thomas and his mom shared some very special moments together.
Kristi made a GORGEOUS bride! Her dress was so classy!

We love love love this location for a first look. An added bonus was that the sun dipped behind a cloud for a moment so the light was JUST right.

Such great chemistry!

Let the ceremony begin!

Meriah loves black bridesmaids dresses! Each of these beautiful ladies wore them perfectly! Plus black makes a beautiful backdrop to show off these gorgeous flowers.

Can you tell what they used for greenery for this chandelier? Hops!!!
First dance love.

Old Edwards has some amazing food and even better presentation!
The band “Cashmere” out of Atlanta had the dance floor hopping!
Sugar Cloud Baking Company is one of our ABSOLUTE favorites!

Cheers to the happy couple!
Now let’s party!

Congrats Kristi and Thomas! We wish you ALL the best in the world!

Shout out this all-star set of wedding professionals that made this day rock!

Wedding coordinator – Mary Bell Events
Venue coordinator – Sara Brown with The Farm at Old Edwards Inn
Dress Designer – Bliss by Monique Lhuillier
Where you purchased your dress – Nordstrom
Makeup artist – Wendy and Christie with Blush Asheville
Hair designer – Amanda with Blush Asheville
Floral designer – The Bloom Room
Caterer – Old Edwards
DJ or Band – Cashmere
Officiant -Tim Lolley with Blue Mountain Weddings
Cake designer – Sugar Cloud


Now, here is more from Kristi and Thomas…

A bit about Kristi:  I was originally born in Chicago but raised in Houston. I went to school at the University of Texas in Austin and then law school in Houston. I have the best friends a girl could ever ask for and my family is pretty great too. My most time consuming hobbies are eating and working out- it’s about balance, right? Meeting Thomas was the best thing that ever happened to me.

A bit about Thomas:  I was born in New Orleans and raised in Alabama before moving to Oklahoma.  I went to the University of Denver for both college and my MBA. I come from a very small family and was raised in an even smaller town in Alabama.  Most of my childhood was spent outdoors – and is still where I fell most at peace.  I fancy myself a connoisseur of the finer things in life – food, wine, cocktails, cigars, and of course, Kristi. 

How did you meet? We met on an app called “Coffee Meets Bagel,” although Thomas hates admitting this . However, we quickly found out that not only did we work for the same company, we worked 1 floor apart!

Describe your first date? We met at a small wine bar after work. Although sparks did not initially fly, we randomly ran into each other again 3 days later when I went to a crawfish boil at a house down the street from Thomas’. Thomas happened to be walking his dog by the party, we saw each other (I awkwardly waved) and the rest is history. 

How long have you been together? Four and a half glorious years

What are your favorite hobbies and activities to do as a couple? We are both total foodies. We love cooking together and trying out new restaurants and bars. When we’re not eating, we both enjoy a good work out and traveling to and exploring new cities. 

Who popped the question and HOW? Thomas popped the question when we were in Vienna last year. It was day 2 of our 2 week vacation. He told me we were going to a secret bar and that he didn’t know exactly how to get there. Soon into our journey, I felt we were walking around aimlessly, and right as I was about to have a full meltdown about the heat, Thomas got down on one knee. He had hired a photographer to capture the moment and we got to go on a fun photo shoot after!  

Why did you pick Old Edwards Inn and the Farm? We both wanted a destination wedding and mountain vibes. We were familiar with the Highlands because Thomas’ parents retired there a few years ago. We knew of Old Edwards and heard only glowing reviews from locals who had been to numerous events there, so we took a leap of faith and booked the venue site unseen. Thanks goodness everyone was right and the venue was more than we could have ever hoped for.

What adjective best describes your spouse on your wedding day? Kristi was floating from happiness. Thomas was as excited as a school boy – a lot of joy with a splash of nervousness. 

What tangible detail of your wedding day did you love the most? (Cake, dress, special item?) I (Kristi) LOVED my dress. I (Thomas) loved my white dinner jacket, Kristi’s whole look, and watching our closest friends dancing during the reception. 

How many guests attended the wedding? 94

What did you and your guests eat at the reception? There is too much to list. That was also one of the reasons we chose Old Edwards- the food. We had a chilled seafood tower, lobster lollipops, mini kobe burgers, a fried seafood action station, whole bone-in beef rib, boursin mashed potatoes, pumpkin ravioli, truffle mac and cheese, quail wellington…. Oh how I wish I could eat it all over again.

What was the flavor of your wedding cake? Almond with a blackberry compote.

What is the one of the funniest things that happened on your wedding day? We had an active dance floor at our wedding, and I (Kristi) was leading the way. My dress was a smidge tight due to alterations issues, and by the end of the night when I went to drop it low, my dress zipper popped open. Luckily I had a large bow covering the zipper so no one saw but the internal embarrassment was real.

What was your first dance song and why did you pick it? “You’re Simply the Best” from Schitt’s Creek. We heard the song while watching the show (which we love) and almost immediately felt it was the one.

What stood out to you the most when you think of your wedding? How happy we both were and how much fun we had. 

What is on your “bucket list” to do together as a married couple? Visit every continent together and find the best farmer’s market in every location.



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Caroline + Erin’s Grove Park Inn Wedding!

As Asheville wedding photographers we have seen and walked into a lot of different situations on a wedding day. But there is a first time for everything. (See below!)

Poor Caroline was in the Urgent Care the whole morning of her wedding day. She had been sick to her stomach the WHOLE night before with either food poisoning or a stomach bug. (Thus the saltines and water below!)
I, Meriah was quite impressed by her amazing attitude despite being sick the night before. And can I just say, she can rock some red lipstick!!
We love weddings at the Omni Grove Park Inn Mountain View Terrace. This view can’t be beat!

We love detail shots with the mountains!

Such a jolly group of people!

Erin’s details were on point!

The moms.
These two. Caroline and her mom have such a cool relationship. They don’t even mind sharing lipstick! 😉
Shout out to Brown Florist for these amazing flowers!

I would say Caroline cleans up pretty well despite being so so sick the night before!
First look with dad.

These guys!
Those red lips though… <3

This bridal party was one of our favs. They created SUCH great moments with Caroline and Erin.
That hang out time before ceremony.
Let the ceremony begin!

That view and this kiss is everything.
These two can rock the vogue/GQ look for sure!
But they also have THE BEST smiles.

Onward to the reception!

Welcome and toast time!

First Dance.
Parent dances.

The beauty at the Grove Park.
Erin plays in a band! They entertained us for the evening and created a really fun dancing atmosphere.
So much fun dancing!

Erin even jumped in to play a song or two.
Rose toss!
Last song!
Congrats Caroline and Erin! Thank you so so much for allowing us to share in your amazing day.

Now enough from us, here is a bit more from the couple!

A bit about Erin: Erin is a jazz trumpet performer and aspiring web developer. He is a local of Cincinnati, OH and loves to eat Skyline Chili!

How did you meet? Erin was a band director and I (Caroline) was hired by the school to teach their summer band camp for rising 6th grade flute students. Erin was instantly interested when I complimented the Star Wars poster in his office (lol). I rejected him at first but his charm and positive energy ultimately won me over.

Describe your first date? Erin picked me up at my apartment in a suit, clean car, and jazz music playing. I arrived to the door in jeans. He still makes fun of me for being so underdressed on our first date. I tried to explain to him later that southern girls are just a bit more casual! Erin has been overdressed for everything since he has been born.

How long have you been together? 3 years this fall

What are your favorite hobbies and activities to do as a couple? Since we are both musicians, we go out to see live music if we aren’t performing ourselves. We also enjoy cooking together in the kitchen and hosting our friends at our apartment. We also have two cats that we are pretty crazy about.

Who popped the question and HOW? Erin popped the question on a high school band field trip to NYC. The whole band was on the top of the empire state building and he proposed in front of the kids! It was cute because they are the reason that we met. I was clueless that he was going to propose on the trip. He had been carrying the ring in his backpack the whole trip!

Why did you pick Asheville and the Grove Park Inn? Explained that part above 🙂 I couldn’t imagine NOT getting married in Asheville in my hometown! Way better than Cincinnati – there was no debate.

What adjective best describes your spouse on your wedding day? Erin – excited? We were both sick if you don’t remember!

What tangible detail of your wedding day did you love the most? (Cake, dress, special item?) Erin said his bride! We both loved the band – it was all of our Cincinnati friends which made it special and they totally rocked.

How many guests attended the wedding? 119

What did you and your guests eat at the reception? Salad, steak and potatoes, cake.  We also had a s’more roasting outside.

What was the flavor of your wedding cake? TWO flavors!! 2 layers a white cake with raspberry fill and one layer champagne with apricot. We only got one bite of cake when we first cut it 🙁

What is the one of the funniest things that happened on your wedding day? Definitely me going to Urgent Care the day of the wedding. Maybe not funny, but completely RIDICULOUS.

What was your first dance song and why did you pick it? “Can’t Help Falling in Love With You” – sung live by our friend Rio. Erin picked the song because….”I can’t help falling in love with you…duh!” (I’m sorry, he is so cheesy)

What stood out to you the most when you think of your wedding?

Erin said “my beautiful bride” – I am about to throw up hahaha.

I can’t believe how much FUN we had dancing with our band and friends/family. I worried that people wouldn’t have fun but I don’t think that was the case.

What is on your “bucket list” to do together as a married couple?  Buy a house – and get three more cats, ha ha.

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Daphne + Jason’s Biltmore Wedding!

As Biltmore wedding photographers we enjoy the uniqueness each Biltmore wedding presents. I mean, come on. We totally saw a bear at this wedding. (Scroll down for that image!) Daphne and Jason were 1st, SUPER gorgeous and also super kind to us. Their joy was evident.
Probably one of our favorite parts of the ceremony was the dove release at the end. But more on that later!
Let’s back up to the beginning of the day to when everyone was getting ready.

Daphne and Jason opened gifts from one another before the first look.

It’s all in the details.
The gorgeous Daphne! Wendy and Amanda with Blush Asheville gave her EXACTLY what she wanted when it came to her hair and makeup. Daphne was so very happy with how it turned out!
This was our first time doing a first look under the wisteria at the tennis lawn.
While we were there we snagged a few shots with the bridal party.

That veil though.

As we were taking photos at the entrance of the Biltmore house, one of the bridesmaids told us to look up at Diana. I was really concerned that those guys were having a picnic and that the bear was in for an afternoon snack. But alas the bear turned and walked up the hill toward the tent. The guys never even looked up from their phones.
The walled gardens at Biltmore are so so lovely. I am glad we had an opportunity to shoot with them before heading to the ceremony!
The ceremony was at the Inn on Biltmore Estate. There was a chance of rain but we had wonderful weather!
For Jason’s Dad.
Let the ceremony begin!

Howard Hanger does SUCH a great job officiating weddings. He puts so much meaning with a dose of laughter into each ceremony.

The kiss…
Then a release of the doves!

We have always loved this little added touch of the guest blowing bubbles as the bride and groom exit the ceremony.

A few candids of Daphne’s lovely family.
Onward to the reception inside the Inn at Biltmore.
Biltmore’s floral and pastry team did an EXCELLENT job making Daphne’s vision for her wedding day come to life.

Daphne and Jason used a lot of our engagement photos for special touches around the reception. We loved that and were so honored!

The FOOD!!  So yummy!
This sign is everything. And this DJ had quite the set up! We knew it was going to be a fun party!
Jason and Daphne had a wonderful choreographed first dance!

They nailed it!

Candids are our favorite moments to capture.
This is Daphne with some of her relatives. These moments are so so sweet.
Another beautiful moment was when Daphne’s mom sang to the couple.
This father/daughter dance was so so special.

Jason’s mom is not a dancer, so Daphne’s mom swung Jason around the dance floor.
Cake cutting time!

Let the party begin!

Congrats Daphne and Jason!

Shout out to these professionals that made this day so so amazing.

Wedding coordinator – Devyn Leigh Events
Venue coordinator – Andrea Feightner with Biltmore
Where you purchased your dress – Winnie Couture in Charlotte
Makeup artist – Wendy with Blush Asheville
Hair designer – Amanda with Hughes Hair Design
Floral designer – Elizabeth Borchers with Biltmore
Caterer – Biltmore Catering
DJ or Band – DJ Ben Felton
Officiant – Howard Hanger
Cake designer – Biltmore
Rental company – Classic Event Rental
Videographer – Alan and Ian with Crown Alley Films

Now enough from us, here is a bit more from Daphne and Jason about their big day!

A bit about Daphne:
I was born and raised in the Philippines until I was 13 years old and then my family and I moved to Fort Myers, Florida to start a new life. When I was in college, I met Jason and we started dating. A year later he moved back to North Carolina but long distance didn’t work out so we ended up breaking up. I graduated from college and started working as a Respiratory Therapist and then traveled to Syracuse, NY to work for three months. I never would have imagined that Jason and I would talk again after the break up in Florida, but we did.  Thanks to Facebook we reconnected again. I decided to move to North Carolina to be with him.

A bit about Jason:
I am 38 years old. Grew up in West Virginia in a very small town. I moved to North Carolina and lived there for a while before moving to Cape Coral, FL where I meet Daphne the love of my life. Ended up moving back to Maiden, North Carolina where I now live with Daphne, my son Kyle, and all our pets.

How did you meet?
We started talking through a dating website in Florida and after a few days we decided to meet in person. Daphne was unique from anyone I had ever meet and I wanted to learn everything about her. From the first date, I just wanted to spend time with her getting to know her more and see how things would go.

Describe your first date?
We meet at a restaurant for dinner on our first date. I remember seeing Daphne for the first time and thinking that she was even prettier than I expected from the pictures I saw. During that first date, we talked a lot and I felt so comfortable talking to her. It was like I was out with a friend that I had known for years. My original plan for our first date was to just go to dinner and see if I wanted a second date. I felt like it went so well that I didn’t want it to end. During dinner, we were talking about movies, so I decided to take a chance and ask her after dinner if she wanted to go watch a movie. So, I guess we had our second date the same night. When the night was over is when we had our first kiss, at that moment I knew I was hooked and had to see her again.

How long have you been together?
About 4 years of total

What are your favorite hobbies and activities to do as a couple?
Hiking, fishing, traveling, movies, and chasing waterfalls.

Who popped the question and HOW?
Jason, one of our favorite hobbies was hiking to different waterfalls and taking in the scenery around so I thought it would be fitting to pop the question in front of a waterfall, I wanted to surprise her and try not to give any clues that I was going to ask her. So, I arranged a nice getaway to a cabin in the mountains of North Carolina for her birthday to try to not be obvious. I also arranged for my niece and her husband to “accidentally” run into us while we were there, so she could get pictures and videos for us. After hiking up to the waterfall I dropped to one knee and asked her to spend forever with me. I was so nervous that I was going to drop the ring into the waterfall. She said yes, and she then started planning our wedding.

Why did you pick Asheville and the Biltmore Estate?
Almost all our guests were traveling from out of the state, so we wanted to give them a great experience that they would remember a lifetime. The Biltmore offered such a beautiful setting and I know with Daphne cherishing her photos, that it would make for breathtaking pictures.

What adjective best describes your spouse on your wedding day?
She looked stunning. Daphne has always been gorgeous in my eyes but especially on that day.
Jason not only looked charming to me but also very neat in that tuxedo.

What tangible detail of your wedding day did you love the most?
The decorations were perfect and the layout of everything. The ceremony looked like it came straight from a fairy-tale. The reception also with the layout of the DJ and the white dance floor with the projection was priceless. Having white dove release at the end of the ceremony and having the string quartet play the ceremony music has made it extravagant experience overall.

How many guests attended the wedding?

What did you and your guests eat at the reception?
Progressive dinner with buffet style main course. Wild mushroom gratin, bouquet of baby field greens, cucumber, grape tomatoes, balsamic vinaigrette. For the main course, we had roasted chicken breast with wild mushroom, bacon vinaigrette and garlic herb roasted strip loin veal jus

What was the flavor of your wedding cake?
Almond, Vanilla, and Chocolate.

What is the one of the funniest things that happened on your wedding day?
Daphne’s aunt taking pictures and videos of everything including the sign that said it was an unplugged ceremony.

What was your first dance song and why did you pick it?
Ed Sheeran’s “Perfect.”  The song was so moving and relatable to us. We also worked so hard on the dance with professional lessons and a ton of practice.

What stood out to you the most when you think of your wedding?
Being able to have that wonderful experience at such a beautiful place and sharing my commitment to Daphne in front of the people that we love the most. It was like a fairy tale wedding dream came true.

What is on your “bucket list” to do together as a married couple?
Travel more to see and experience different places and cultures.

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