Heather + David’s Covid-19 Wedding

Love is not canceled.

So when Heather and David asked us to shoot their outdoor wedding from a safe social distance, we agreed.

Heather and David were originally planning a huge Biltmore estate wedding with 12 bridesmaids and 12 groomsmen in April. Thanks to Covid, their wedding plans HAD to change.

The decision was made to change the location to David’s parent’s home on Lake Keowee. Immediate family only on land and all other guests viewing from boats!

In Heather’s words… “We were ready to be married, move on with our lives as a married couple and we’re ready to start a family. We respect people who postponed, but for us we were married to our date and the “big party” became not as important. Our perspective changed everything.”

The day was absolutely stunning and we had PERFECT weather.

Guests pulled up to the dock to collect their boxed dinners, drinks, and cupcakes before the ceremony.

The cake’s view.
We were so happy to see that many of the guests dressed up for the occasion and even brought binoculars!

“Air elbow bump” from 6 feet away.

Tiger king fans? Just kidding. They are Clemson Tiger fans of course!

Heather’s awesome sister was such a great help! Shout out to Heartwarmers for the gorgeous flowers!

First look love.

One of our favorite moments of the day was when they read letters to each other.

Their baby, “Banks” is such a good dog! He was so happy to join in the fun.

That sunlight and those blooms made a great setting for a gorgeous couple!

David was so glad his grandmother was able to attend the wedding. She stayed near the house with Aunt Lanie. She was all smiles the whole day.

The moms.

Here comes Banks and the bride!

Cheers and boat horns to honor the newly married couple!

First dance was next to the water so the guests could be a part of it.

This awesome lady recorded the whole wedding on Facebook Live so all the friends and family who couldn’t be there in person could share in the joy!

The toast, like the ceremony, was projected via speakers. These moments are priceless.

Sometimes the most unplanned moments are some of the best. Heather and David’s guests did a little “boat parade” to congratulate the couple!

To be out on a boat at sunset with this couple was gold.

Not today Corona virus!

This girl is SUCH a gem. She was so much fun to be around and oh my! SO gorgeous.

And to top off the evening, fireworks for everyone to enjoy.

Now, enough from us. Here is a bit more from Heather and David!

A bit about Heather: I am 34. I was born and raised in Texas but went to high school in Asheville. I went to Clemson for college and moved to Atlanta after college to work as a pediatric nurse at the Children’s Healthcare of Atlanta for 11+ years in a very specialized ICU. I then moved to Seneca SC in 2016 to be with David but traveled for to ATL for 4 years to work. I eventually resigned from that job in Dec 2019. Now I primarily focus on my Rodan+Fields skincare business. I hope to work in the nursing field again soon now that the wedding is over, but I haven’t figured exactly what direction I want to go yet. I am the outgoing, social type. I am also OCD and Type A.  I am obsessed with wine- especially red wine and rose. My bachelorette party (that was cancelled) was going to be in Napa and it was going to be “Rose all day” themed. I love my small family and love being around my friends. Thought I’d end up in a big city with a “city type” guy and never would have thought I’d be living in a small town and marrying a “small town” type of guy. But I love my life in Seneca and am excited to raise a family here.

A bit about David: He is 32. Born and raised in Seneca SC. Went to Clemson for college, so he has never lived anywhere else. He works for his dad’s company Boutyland- which is a convenience store business associated with Exxon gas stations. He is also a realtor on the side. He is more of a home body and prefers a simple life. He is happy with the same restaurants, the same activities, etc. He loves country music, but he also knows every word to every rap song there is.

We compliment each other perfectly. I get David to do things he wouldn’t normally do and try to get him out of his comfort zone and travel. David helps me appreciate the small things in life, like enjoying a night in watching a movie. Everyone teased us for how long we had been dating. All of our friends had been through several relationships, got married and are on their 3rd child while we’ve been dating. I’ve wanted to be married since year 1 so it’s been a long wait. Once David decided he was ready, his whole demeanor changed. It was like a weight lifted off of him and he was SO ready. We didn’t want to postpone because there was no guarantee of when this will be over.

Off note – we had a tornado come through Seneca 5 days before our wedding that destroyed our town. It didn’t touch our house, but it destroyed a lot of neighborhood and a lot of our town. We were out of power until 10:30pm the night before our wedding. We were running our fridge off a generator and that’s it. Thankfully it came back on so we could get ready in the light on Saturday 🙂

How did you meet? Sept 4th at a friend’s condo after tailgating all day at the first Clemson game in 2011.

Describe your first date? I’m not sure what our official first date was, but the weekend I met him I ended up staying in Clemson all Labor Day weekend to hang out with him. I left on Monday and called my parents and told them “I think I’m in love. I think I met my husband this weekend.” The next weekend I came to stay with him (he lived at his parents’ house) and so I met his family immediately. I fell in love with them immediately too.

How long have you been together? 8.5 years

What are your favorite hobbies and activities to do as a couple? Run and play with our dog Banks, work out, watch Netflix and drink red wine in bed, go on Lake Keowee, go to dinner, go to Clemson games, and go on trips.

Who popped the question and HOW? David did. We became official in Cashiers, NC and so we have celebrated a lot of our anniversaries up there. There is a beautiful look out spot on the way up the mountain that I annoyingly always make him stop (on the way up and on the way down) to get out and take a photo of us. He made up a lie that his friend got him on Mountain Top (a prestige golf course) at the last minute on a Friday so he said to pack a bag real quick. He said the girls were going to go to a spa while the men played golf the next day. I didn’t have a spray tan (which I got every Friday which means I really didn’t know) and wore an oversized sweater in the car. I worked my R+F business all the way up the mountain so I didn’t say a word to him. When we got to the lookout spot he knew I would ask to stop so he pulled over. He got Banks out of the car and after taking our usually selfie he got down on one knee and asked me by saying “Will you be Banks’ forever mom?” I originally responded with “omg are you serious??” repeatedly because I never thought the day would come. After I said yes, his brother Greyson and his girlfriend Carissa jumped out of a car with champagne. They were hiding in the backseat taking photos and videoing it. Then we continued our way up to the cabins in Cashiers where my parents, his parents, my sister and her wife were. They had decorated the whole cabin in engagement decorations. We went to dinner at the restaurant David and I became “official” in 2011. It was so fun!!

Why did you pick Asheville and Seneca SC: We originally picked Asheville because that is where I call home. Since I was 15, I thought it would be a gorgeous place to get married. As soon as we saw the Diana venue we were sold. The view of the Biltmore House and mountains was stunning. We picked Seneca, SC as a backup because the Biltmore Estate cancelled our wedding due to the corona virus. Due to the crowd restrictions and the closings of hotels, we were worried to still get married in Asheville. Our plan B was to get married at our neighborhood country club with our wedding party only – which was going to exclude our extended family. But then the corona virus restrictions got stricter so that was cancelled. At that point we wanted to plan something that couldn’t be cancelled no matter what, but that would still be special to us so we decided to get married in David’s parents backyard overlooking our 2 favorite things- Lake Keowee and the mountains. It was a way to incorporate Asheville in some way and also the lake we love and the place we spent our first weekend together. Also it was the only way we could include some of our family and friends and keep social distancing. We had drinks and boxed to-go meals on the dock.  People came by and served themselves. Our local bridesmaids and groomsmen came by in boats dressed up in their formal bridesmaid dresses and tuxedos/Brackish bow ties (which were the groomsmen gift). Only immediate family were on land. We separated the 2 families. My sister who is a ED NP got tested (and came back negative) so that she could come and feel comfortable. David’s sister’s family who live in Cali came 15 days prior to the wedding so they could self quarantine before the wedding day. Everyone was safe.

What adjective best describes your spouse on your wedding day? Happy

What tangible detail of your wedding day did you love the most?  My dress. I custom designed the top half myself with the help of Kelly at White Magnolia in Atlanta— Gizelle James was the designer who actually recreated it.

What did you and your guests eat at the reception? We were originally supposed to have passed canapés, salad, crab cakes, Filet Mignon with a lobster tail, and a huge cake. We ended up doing 3 boxed to-go meal options (fried chicken sliders and beef tenderloin sliders with potato salad and fruit cup and grilled cheese for the kids.) Thanks Renee Hunt! We also served individual wrapped cupcakes from our local Walnut Bakery

What was the flavor of your wedding cake? Honey Lavender and carrot cake; grooms cake was cookies and cream; cupcakes for the guests were assorted flavors.

What is the one of the funniest things that happened on your wedding day? I had to put a trash bag over my head in order to get my dress on so that I didn’t get makeup on my dress.

What was your first dance song and why did you pick it? la Vie En Rose – Louis Armstrong because I’ve always thought from a little girl that was the most romantic song every written. Also, it means “life through rose colored glasses” and our wedding was grey and rose gold themed.

What stood out to you the most when you think of your wedding? How different and unique it was. I had always said “what could I possibly do to make our wedding stick out/be different than the 500 we’ve been to??” — God sure does have a good sense of humor because our was very different. We live streamed it so that all of friends and family could safely watch from home. Also, the capacity was very strict at the Biltmore so it was very hard making the wedding list. It was the first time our families had fought actually. In the end we got to invite ALL of the people both sides wanted so it ended up working out in our favor.

What is on your “bucket list” to do together as a married couple? Go on our honeymoon to Jamaica- it’s been cancelled twice already and we are hoping to go in June if they re-open by then. We have an over-water bungalow with 24-7 butler service for a week. It’s all inclusive. My bucket list was to go to Maldives but David hates flying (like he gets antsy and uncomfortable, not scared) so he didn’t want to make the 24 hour in the air flight there so our compromise was this so that I could get my bucket list experience but it was closer to the US. Also, we want to start a family soon 🙂


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Chelsea + Elliot’s Asheville Wedding!

We literally met this couple on their wedding day. We’ve never even seen them outside of their wedding attire. So, we didn’t know what to expect when it came to Chelsea and Elliot’s personalities. (This may be the scariest thing about our job!) However, we took to them instantly. They were super chill and laid back and made us laugh often.

One of the things we liked most about Chelsea and Elliot was their love for their pups. It was so neat how they incorporated them into their day.

Another thing we loved about their day was their reception!! It was at the new Foundry Hotel in downtown Asheville.
It is crazy to imagine that this used to be an abandoned building just a few years ago.

Chelsea had the BEST smile. No “fakey smile” for her. Her whole face lit up when she smiled. So genuine!
We were so excited that even in mid-November there was still color on the trees! So naturally, the first look was under this gorgeous yellow tree.

Chelsea’s bouquet and flowers were by the fabulous BobbyMark’s Designs. Close up shots of this baby was a must!

One of our favorite kinds of backdrops for photos

Moments with the parents.
Candids of the bridal party!

Chelsea is an Asheville School alumni. So she chose to come back and get married in this glorious chapel!

Our trolley ride to the Foundry Hotel was so much fun.
Seriously one of the coolest lobbies in town.

Onward to cocktail hour!

You can tell that this couple is LOVED.

That cake though…

But the pies from Baked Pie Company was our personal favorite treat!
Introducing this amazing couple.
Dinner was “family style”. This seemed to bring that added dose of camaraderie to the evening.
These dances brought loads of smiles as well.

The party was quite the fuel for “moment junkies” like us.

Final song, final cheers.
Congrats Chelsea and Elliot! We wish you all the best as you enter this new chapter in your story!

Shout out to these professionals that made this day so amazing!

Venues: Asheville School Chapel and Foundry Hotel
Planning and Floral: BobbyMark’s Design
Hair and Makeup: Blush Asheville
Ceremony music: Carolina music planner
DJ: Sound Explosion
Cake: Sweet Elegance
Pies: Baked Pie Company
Trolley: Grayline
Catering: Foundry Hotel

Now enough from us! Here is a bit more from this awesome couple…

A bit about Chelsea: grew up in the Asheville area, went to Presbyterian College then got a job in Charlotte, currently sells construction equipment for Carolina CAT.

A bit about Elliott: grew up in Charlotte, went to App State returned to Charlotte after graduation and went into residential construction, currently a superintendent for Jade Mountain Builders.

How did you meet? Through a mutual friend in Charlotte at a party.

Describe your first date? It was at Heist Brewery, fun fact we never discussed if we were meeting there or if I was being picked up so I was 30 minutes late because I assumed I was being picked up.

How long have you been together? Since April 2015

What are your favorite hobbies and activities to do as a couple? Going to concerts, breweries, traveling and hiking.

Who popped the question and HOW? New Year’s Eve before we went to a Avett Brothers Concert.

Why did you pick Asheville school and the Foundry Hotel? I’m (Chelsea) a Asheville School alum, I loved my time there and I’m glad I had the opportunity to get married there. Honestly, we got a great deal to have the reception there, haha. But we did love the exposed brick and industrial feel of the hotel.

What adjective best describes your spouse on your wedding day? Excited and calm

What tangible detail of your wedding day did you love the most? (Cake, dress, special item?) our dog cake topper

How many guests attended the wedding? 120

What did you and your guests eat at the reception? Short rib, mashed potatoes, braised kale and all the pie from baked pie.

What was the flavor of your wedding cake? Vanilla, we were more excited about the pie, haha!

What is the one of the funniest things that happened on your wedding day? After the reception we went to Packs Tavern and we had the dog “Fat Heads” with us and a woman came up to us and offered to pay us for Walters “Fat Head” and she ended up taking it home with her.

What was your first dance song and why did you pick it? “Swept Away” by the Avett brothers, Elliott was playing it when he proposed.

What stood out to you the most when you think of your wedding? It was so much fun! It shows what amazing family and friends we have.

What is on your “bucket list” to do together as a married couple? Continue to travel when ever we get the chance.

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Megan + Michael’s Wedding at The Martha!

Megan and Michael thought about eloping to Europe. I am so glad they chose to stick close to home and have us come up to Abington, VA to shoot their amazing wedding at The Martha Washington Inn. We had never been to Abington or to The Martha and we LOVED it.  But not as much as we LOVE this couple. They are precious ya’ll and we so enjoyed getting share in their day with all their friends and family.
The Martha Washington Inn is over 150 years old! Once a home, it is now a hotel right in the heart of Abington.

Shout out to Megan and her mad DIY skills! She arranged all of the floral herself and it was quite impressive!

Every detail complimented the other so well!

The “getting ready” moments are often some of our favorites.

The first look was on the main staircase at The Martha.  A perfect place to capture these moments.

“My Michael” likes to take candid photos of the family waiting to have their formal photos taken. We love these genuine expressions!
Even in November, we were surprised and happy that there was still color on the trees! This made a fantastic backdrop for photos.

The gorgeous Megan. Normally, it isn’t recommended that the bride do her own makeup. However, Megan NAILED it and was absolutely stunning.

Let the ceremony begin!

Tying the knot. Literally.
Congrats Megan and Michael!!
Checking out the rings.
Introductions into the reception!

The toasts brought on some awesome laughter.

First dance.
Parent dances.
The shoe game!
A few words from the Groom’s parents.
Let’s party!
Congrats Megan and Michael!! Thank you for allowing the Mozingos to share in your story.

Shout out to these professionals that made this day amazing!

Venue – The Martha Washington Inn
Venue coordinator – Wendy Miler
Dress Designer – Reem Acra
Where you purchased your dress – Your Dream Dress
Makeup artist – The Bride
Hair designer – Josh Helms
Floral designer – The Bride
Caterer – Martha Washington Inn
Officiant – Karren Osborn
Cake designer – Cake Buds
Wedding hashtag- #M&MGetHitcched

Now, enough from us, here is a bit from Megan and Michael about themselves and their big day!

A bit about Megan:

Megan is passion and creativity in the flesh. Her fiery attitude and beauty are unmatched. She is brilliant, confident, kind and caring. I am very lucky to be spending my future with her.

A bit about Michael:

Michael is a sweet considerate person. He is persistent and creative. He fills the house with laughter and brightens up my day. I am so happy to be with him.

How did you meet?

I was best friends with Michael’s sister. He was in college most of the time that I was around. His family would take me with them on vacation, I suspect to keep the girls from fighting all the way down the road.  After college we both ended up with jobs in our home town and his mother played match maker over the holidays.

Describe your first date?

His parents took us Black Friday shopping. We were in a craft store and he said he didn’t like glitter. I ended up wiping some on his shirt. I was like maybe I shouldn’t have done that. After that we went in Belk and he offered to hold my shoes while I was shopping. We had dinner at Olive Garden afterward and both made a Hannibal joke about Chianti at the same time.

How long have you been together?

3 years

What are your favorite hobbies and activities to do as a couple?

Crafty things. We cosplay together and make stained glassed together. I know if I pick up a hobby to go ahead and order him a starter kit. I picked up cross stitch recently, and preemptively ordered him a small Mario kit. It only took a week for him to get interested enough to try it.

Who popped the question and HOW?

Michael did under the Christmas trees on Biltmore’s lawn. We’re not even sure if he finished asking me before I put the ring on my finger.

Why did you pick The Martha Washington Inn?

It is a historic venue that went well with our theme. Most of my family and Michael’s parents live in SWVA, so we chose a venue that would easily accommodate the largest number of guests. Most of our out of town guests just stayed with family in the area so it was very centralized in that way.  It was also very inclusive in it’s packages. We didn’t have to worry about linen, catering, place setting, wait staff, center pieces, or bartending. We just had to choose what we wanted and they did the rest.

What adjective best describes your spouse on your wedding day?

I would say Michael was jovial.
Michael says I was stunning.

What tangible detail of your wedding day did you love the most? (Cake, dress, special item?)

The weird tennis shoes Michael picked out for me to wear during the reception.

How many guests attended the wedding?

About 110

What did you and your guests eat at the reception?

Steak or Asian Chicken
Cheesecake Dessert

What was the flavor of your wedding cake?

Chocolate and funfetti with buttercream

What is the one of the funniest things that happened on your wedding day?

The groomsmen practicing tying the knot.

What was the song for your first dance and why did you pick it?

“The Very Thought of You” by Nat King Cole.
I liked that song since I was a kid and we could manage to dance to it.

What stood out to you the most when you think of your wedding?

Gathering everyone together from a bunch of different walks of life into one place.

What is on your “bucket list” to do together as a married couple?

Travel to places we’ve always wanted to go like Italy, German, Ireland, and Japan.

We’re hoping to watch the sun rise in Florence together on our honeymoon.

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