About Us

Michael and Meriah

We were born and raised in western North Carolina and are blessed to call Asheville our home. Its a wonderful area and we still get awe-struck by the beauty of the mountains. If you want to know more about our personal life and read the story behind how we got in to photography check out our blog post HERE. (Photos of us and our two sweet and rambunctious boys included!)

When we look back on the last 8 years of photography we are so grateful that we have found something that brings us so much joy. We consider ourselves "moment junkies" and photography is our outlet to experience incredibly beautiful moments in the lives of others. You might even catch us getting teary eyed. There is nothing like giving a family treasured photos of a loved one who has now passed or giving a mom and dad photos of those fleeting moments of a son and daughter who, without a doubt, will grow up too fast.

And how about those weddings? Working among a wedding is wildly exciting! The combination of a year of vision, strategic planning, and personalized details all coming together, the reunion of family and friends, heart felt love, and happy tears, the sacred moment of the union of two and a joyous celebration afterward. It is difficult to express all that a wedding day amounts to. Have you ever considered that a photographer spends more time with the bride and groom than almost any other person on a wedding day? Or that the images they take might be the single most important physical reflection of it? We get it. We are deeply honored that our clients trust us these moments.

With all of this in mind, we work hard at bringing unique artistry that captures the authentic life and personality of each individual and event photographed. We understand the value of what we give others and strive excel at our craft without forgetting to have a lot of fun as well. Thank you for giving us this opportunity!

The Family

A kind soul. Friendly to all and a curious explorer. Fond of climbing trees, puzzles and board games, fruit snacks, and a daddy's boy.


AKA "Brooty
Our passionate son. Equal in ferocity with pitching fits and warmness with snuggles. Fond of Bruchko, our cat, bubbles, a comb, and most of all, Momma.

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