Krista + Chris’ Hawkesdene Wedding- (Asheville Wedding Photographer)

Krista and Chris had a fabulous wedding at the lovely and unique Hawkesdene in Andrews, NC. As Asheville wedding photographers, Andrews is about 1 hour and 45 minutes away but what a gorgeous drive it is through our mountains!

Michael and I were impressed by this couple’s ability to “go with the flow!” Weather and a foot injury (on the bride’s part) made us have to change up some things on the day of the wedding but Krista was super chill and so easy to hang with.

This couple had so much joy!! It was great to get to see their obvious happiness and love for each other. It truly shows in these photos.

Now enough from us! Here is a bit more from the couple on their story and their wedding!

Tell us your story!
Our story, the Chris and Kris Adventure, will be told by Krista since of course, I love to talk. We first met online in 2013 when we were both on However, as irony would have it, we were NOT matched! While both of us were weary of our former and current matches, I decided to peruse the rest of the people on the website. I came across this guy named “The Georgian” and since I went to high school in Georgia, I decided to “like” his picture. What began as a bunch of coincidences (same nicknames, went to rival high schools, etc.), soon led to a whole lot of things in common. We decided to meet in person at a coffee shop after work (dinner was too much of a commitment for someone you meet online… don’t ask how we know!). Coffee turned into a 5 hour conversation about our love of all things nerdy like math, engineering, costumes, and rocks. Chris soon realized that “everything with Krista is an adventure and a bit odd.” He stuck along for the ride… so the engineer and the math teacher continued their adventures.

Well as you know, Chris is methodical and has an acute attention to detail while I am a bit spastic and impatient. So after 3 years, Chris finally decided he had the grand plan to propose… and I was thinking what is taking so long! Behind the scenes, Chris had been planning his proposal… ordered the ring, had the plan, even considered my favorite pizza from my childhood. But, things never go as planned. The day he picked up the ring, he ran home to hide it, but forgot to throw away the bag from the store. When I walked in the door after work, I saw the bag by the trash can on the counter and asked why he had a jewelry bag (because it’s hard for me to just ignore things). When his reaction was a bit of surprise and a PG-13 word, I decided to block it out and just assume he bought something for my upcoming birthday. To my surprise and his, he came downstairs and proposed! I was afraid to open the ring box because for Christmas he handed me this small blue square box… I was so excited, heart pounding, oh my gosh this is it kind of feeling… only to open it and see a Christmas ornament inside from his work that he received. Um….. not the kind of blue box I was looking for. So, he opened the box and of course I said YES!!!!!

In typical Kris and Chris fashion, after getting engaged unexpectedly, we replaced the window we originally had to replace that day and went to the dump to dispose of the old one. Hence, our official engagement photo (taken by our professional photographer, me; if you look closely you can see the “metal only” bins).

We are partners in so many ways and I am thankful everyday for that! We are opposites in the best ways possible, and look forward to our many adventures ahead through our love of each other, all things quirky, the outdoors, projects (maybe me more than him, haha), and our cat, Kitty.

Why did you pick Andrews and Hawkesdene? We love the mountains and wanted something that was relaxing, beautiful, and a place that everyone could enjoy and feel like they were on vacation. I found it before we were even engaged. I told him that if he ever wanted to get married, I already had it planned.

What adjective best describes your spouse on your wedding day? Chris said radiant; Krista said perfect.

What tangible detail of your wedding day did you love the most?  Chris said the cake; Krista said her dress.

How many guests attended the wedding? 54

What did you and your guests eat at the reception? Mountain Trout and Pork tenderloin

What was the flavor of your wedding cake? Strawberry Champagne

What is the one of the funniest things that happened on your wedding day? Kasen (Chris’s nephew) stealing the show with his dancing during our first dance and ALL NIGHT LONG!

What was your first dance song and why did you pick it? James Taylor’s “How Sweet it is To Be Loved by You”. It’s fun, loving, and happy.

What stood out to you the most when you think of your wedding? How relaxed and just plain fun it was. It was a day of loves, laughs, and just warm fuzzies all over. The whole day was just amazing, I wouldn’t change anything.

What is on your “bucket list” to do together as a married couple? Get a camper and travel North America!

Shout out to these professionals for their mad skillz…
Wedding coordinator – Jami at Hawkesdene
Floral designer – Andrews Florist
Caterer – Hawkesdene
DJ or Band – Dj Craig with Remix Weddings
Officiant – Rev. Sandy Tull
Cake designer – Sugarcloud Baking Company

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