Savanah and Jimmy Welcome Baby Lincoln! (Asheville Family Lifestyle Photographer)

First comes the love

Then comes the marriage

Then thanks to the honeymoon, this happened…

And now we have a sweet little Lincoln.

What a ride these past few years have been for Savanah and Jimmy. What a blessing to be there to capture their journey, their story.

It was an honor to get to travel to their home in Charlotte to do a Lifestyle family session in their home. These sessions are super fun and unique to every family. For instance… this room will change SO much over the course of Lincoln’s lifetime. I wanted to capture it now just as it is.

The real moments. A not so happy baby getting his diaper changed!

Those sweet baby loving moments. Lincoln was only 7 days old during this shoot. Savanah had a rough delivery. A intensely long labor ending in a C-section. She was so tired and her poor feet and legs were so swollen. This moment to me says it all. A fierce warrior resting with her prized possession… Yes, she is tired but now knows the worth of her struggle. He is perfect.

I knew Jimmy was going to be a great daddy when during the maternity session he couldn’t stop loving on Savanah’s preggo belly. He would talk to his unborn baby and speak loving words to him.

I have never seen a dog so fiercely protective and interested in a baby before! Their dog, Moose was simply smitten with Lincoln. It was precious. Moose wondered what I was doing there and it took him an hour to trust me enough to leave the room. So needless to say he was in a lot of the photos!

Is that a little smile Lincoln?

Welcome little buddy! We can’t wait to see what life has in store for you.

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