This “Newish” Film/Bohemian Style of Photography Edits

There has been a buzz with some local photographers about this newish style of “bohemian/film like” editing that has become super popular over the past year or so. Michael and I have talked a lot about this style of editing. If you follow any popular wedding industry Instagram posts you will be familiar with what I am talking about. The edits look a bit like film instead of digital and also has a “washed out” look to it. It can sometimes be dark, with high contrast and a bit grainy looking as well.  Here is an example of a normal color edit verses the bohemian/vintage edit. Because Michael and I are opposite in a lot of ways we have different opinions on this editing style. I love it and Michael is not so much a fan.

We are not alone in our differing opinions.  A lot of clients and photographers have different views on it. We have a really good photographer pal whom we love because blunt honest that is delivered in a funny way. He once posted this on social media… “Dear wedding photographers, I really think you are going to miss the color green one day” I laughed so hard at this because I know that he means well and he is right in a lot of ways. This new editing style does seem to have a prejudice to the color green.

But I kind of like this new style of editing. Michael thinks that it has the color tones you might see on the DVD cover art of a horror film. I think it has a “film-like, romantic look” and I am drawn to it like so many other people are. So this begs the question. Do we change our editing style to what is trending or do we stick to how we normally edit? Is the photography editing world changing or will this trend come and go?

Let me explain.  Over the almost 10 years of doing digital photography I have dabbled in a lot of different editing styles. Often times I dabble in what is trending. Sometimes I cringe to look back on some of the edits I have used in the past! Thus why Michael and I made the decision to edit our weddings photos in a normal color edit with a few duplicate photos in black and white. Color and black and white are timeless. So in 20 or 30 years from now our couples can look back on their wedding photos and know what their wedding day colors really looked like. And honestly, we will probably continue take this route for the wedding photography we edit.

However, I never want to become irrelevant. I want Mozingo Photography to continue to grow in our craft and stay relevant to the times. I have seen other photographers that haven’t “changed with the times.”  They stopped booking new clients and struggle in their business because they have refused to change what they have always done or have stopped growing in their skill sets and approach to weddings. Maybe part of this is a result of the younger generation liking new trends.

I think our focus will continue to be on capturing the moments that people cherish and doing this in creative ways.  This is being true to ourselves and who we are as photographers. How we edit is important and even though we will most likely stick to our regular color editing we are happy to oblige those clients who really do love this new style of “bohemian editing.”

Below Is a “Trash the Dress” session I did with our dear pals Ivy and John about 3 weeks after their wedding. We like to call these “Rock the Frock” sessions because you don’t have to trash that dress.  And you don’t have to be worried about getting it dirty since you were already married in it! 😉

Ivy loves this type of editing. Her amazing wedding photographer Beka with Bek Photography Co uses it. So since Ivy loves it I decided to play around with it. We still delivered all of her photos in regular color but she also got a few of them edited in these bohemian edits.

If you have an opinion on this matter let us know your thoughts below!

On a personal note, this couple holds a dear place in our hearts. I have known Ivy since she was a peanut in her mama’s belly. Ivy has 3 older brothers so we cheered when we found out she was a girl. Ivy was one of my “youth kids” at our church when I was a youth leader and years later she was our nanny for a while to our Ezra! I am not only distantly related to Ivy but I love her dear family so, so, so much. Michael and I love to hang out with her parents and they are dear friends.

Michael and I were thrilled when we met John. He is “our kind of people” and we love that our Ivy found such an incredible fella. (Can you guys just move back to WNC already!?!)

We got to attend Ivy and John’s wedding back in July near Raleigh. We were so excited to get to ATTEND a wedding without a camera in our hand, ha ha! We danced and laughed and even had a mini “after party” with Ivy’s parents and her uncle and aunt. It was such a joy to get to share in their day.

For their Rock the Frock, Ivy and John allowed me to drag them here there and everywhere here in Western North Carolina. We went up to the lower falls at Graveyard Fields for waterfall photos and then up to Black Balsam for sunset and mountain photos.

By the time we were finished we were starving. So naturally we grabbed some grub at Cracker Barrel at 9:30pm. Just picture Cracker Barrel and in walks Ivy and John in their wedding attire and me in my hiking clothes! We got some interesting looks that evening! 🙂

CONGRATS Ivy and John. We are so excited for this next chapter in your story.


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