The Moses Family- By: Asheville Family Photographer

As Asheville family photographers it is our pleasure to get to photograph our friend’s growing families! And Michael and I have known Melissa since we were all still single. We had the privilege of photographing her and Todd’s wedding some years ago and enjoyed it so, so much. Now Melissa is a mom of a precious little boy!

It was a real joy to go to their home and do an indoor and outdoor lifestyle family session. To see your old friends as parents is awesome… especially when they are as awesome of parents as Todd and Melissa are! Melissa encouraged us to bring the family over and we all had pizza after the shoot and played on the four wheeler. Todd even gave Ezra his first four wheeler ride!

A word that comes to mind when I think of Todd and Melissa as parents is, nurturing. While there, Ezra got his first bee sting. Todd was so concerned and quickly put a home remedy on it to help take the sting out. I remember thinking that Melissa and Todd are rock star parents and I wish they were our neighbors because we would hang out all the time!

What a lovely fall evening with good friends enjoying this stage in our lives.

This playroom made my heart so so happy!

It’s all fun and games till your kid throws an egg across the kitchen floor. 🙂

One of the great things about lifestyle sessions in the home is when your kid gets hungry you can give serve up a snack! 🙂

Time for an outfit change with daddy!

This little red head stole our hearts!

So many cute faces I couldn’t pick just one. 😉

While on their farm property dad lets him drive a bit. 🙂

While hanging out, Melissa had to feed our baby Elliot. I love this moment so much!

Ezra’s first four wheeler ride, messy hair and all. Clay was too timid to allow daddy to drive him around yet. 🙂

Bath time! I love these moments with my kids because they love the water! So glad to capture these moments with Melissa and Clay.

What a beautiful sunset to end a beautiful evening!

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