Amanda and Jeff’s Craggy Garden Rock the Frock!

As an Asheville photographer, photographing at Craggy Gardens has always been unpredictable when it comes to weather. If there is even a few clouds in the sky Craggy can often be in a thick fog. Which of course ruins the amazing views it offers.

Amanda, Jeff, and I thought we would have luck because, in Asheville, there wasn’t a single cloud in the sky. But as soon as I got close to Craggy we discovered it was in a fog. We decided to trek on anyway and see if it would clear up. Boy!! Am I glad we did.

This shoot really stretched me… in a good way. The fog came and went in an eerie sort of way and it. was. awesome! The sun would peak through every once in a while causing some incredible light to shine through the fog. There would only be about three minutes to shoot before the sun would disappear and the fog would consume us again. Or other times it would be clearing and the fog would just show up causing the trail to look like something from a setting in Scotland.

As I was editing this session last night Michael looked over my shoulder and said “This couple has great chemistry.” It was true even though at first Amanda and Jeff said they felt incredibly awkward. This made them giggle and laugh a lot. Which, of course, made the photos ROCK. So bring on that awkwardness Amanda and Jeff. 😉

Hanging out with this awesome couple was great. I got to hear a bit of their story during our great adventure together. They had a small courthouse wedding last July but dressed back up in their wedding attire for this session. We call these sessions “Rock the Frocks” since not everyone wants to “Trash the Dress”. She will wear her dress again for a small family “To Do” later on in October so we were careful to keep everything crispy clean!

Congrats to Amanda and Jeff as they begin this new chapter in their lives.


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