Maggie and Jeff’s Mountaintop Wedding

Maggie and Jeff’s mountaintop wedding was simply stunning. As Asheville Wedding photographers  most of our weddings are here in Asheville. We don’t always get to do weddings back where Meriah is from in Haywood County. So their wedding was like going home. Especially because we knew half of the guest at the wedding.

Maggie’s mom and dad’s wedding was the FIRST wedding I, Meriah, ever went to as a child. I remember it SO well. It was magic to a little girl and I have loved weddings ever since. Now it was Maggie’s turn to be a bride and Michael and I were honored to not only attend but capture it with our camera.

I have of course known “Mags” since she was born especially since she is a cousin of mine! She also was a part of my church when she was young… ENTER Jeff. Jeff was also a part of our church. They knew each other as children and they literally grew up together. Their parents are friends and their are loads of “lake trip” memories together. It was awesome for all of us to see Maggie and Jeff’s childhood friendship turn in to love.

But enough chit chat from me, here is their story and a bit about their wedding from Maggie and Jeff themselves!

Maggie’s story-
(I wasn’t exactly sure what this was supposed to be, so I just did a quick summary of us haha, if you need something different let me know!)

I lived from the time I was born until 4th grade in Canton, NC. My dad’s job took us to Hayesville, NC where I lived for the next 9 years. Hayesville is the smallest town ever with only 2 stoplights and 1 school system in the entire county. (As fate would have it Jeff’s family owns a lake house on Lake Chatuge in Hayesville so our families continued to stay really good friends.) I graduated from high school in 2011 and headed to Mars Hill University on a swimming and academic scholarship. I spent the next 4 years there. I graduated in 2015 summa cum laude with a degree in elementary and special education and a reading specialization. I was hired 2 days later as a full time 2nd grade teacher for a first year public charter school, Invest Collegiate Imagine, in Asheville, NC, and I’m still there and loving every second of it!

Jeff’s story-
Born and raised in Haywood County, NC. Attended Western Carolina University and graduated with a degree in Construction Management. I have worked in the construction field ever since in various positions from carpenter to project manager. I currently own my own construction business called 828 Construction. Maggie and I just purchased an almost 23 acre farm here in Haywood county where we plan to live for the rest of our days!

How did you meet?

Jeff and I have known each other as long as I can remember. Our parents were friends through church, and his sister was the same age as me. Although until I got to college I wasn’t “cool” enough to even register on his radar. His mom made him and David take Shay and I to a Taylor Swift concert the summer before we started dating. It was the first time we had really hung out. I can remember playing a motorcycle racing game on his phone while Shay cried over Taylor Swift. But I was also good friends with his brother David and his friend Seth so it didn’t take long for us to be around each other more. After I started school at Mars Hill my freshman year we all celebrated my 18th birthday together. They baked me a funfetti birthday cake, and the rest is history.

Describe your first date?

For our first date we went to eat at Papa’s and Beer. Jeff jokingly told me he asked the mariachi band to sing at our table, and I freaked out. (I hate that kind of stuff). Then we went to the movies afterwards. Jeff says it took him three months to get me to go on another date with him. I don’t think it took quite that long though – ha.

How long have you been together?

This November we will have been together 5 years.

What is your favorite hobbies and activities to do as a couple?

We both are serious food people. We love eating, whether that is trying out a new restaurant or making something at home. We also love being outside with our dogs. Our weekends and evenings are spent hiking or working on our farm.

Who popped the question and HOW?

Jeff asked on Christmas Eve. We had spent the evening at his parent’s house, and I was getting ready to drive back to Greenville to be with my family. He said that he had a gift he hadn’t given me yet back at his house. I had no idea what was coming. When we got back there was a present in the tree and when I opened it it said “Will you Marry Me” and he was on one knee behind me. My favorite part though was that the present was in the tree upside down so the “Will you Marry Me” was upside down as well.

How long had you been dating when you became engaged?

We had just celebrated our 3 year anniversary the month before.

How long after you were engaged did you get married?

We were engaged a short 6 1/2 months.

Why did you pick your venue?

We knew we wanted to get married outside so we were looking for somewhere that could fit the number of people we would have and be somewhere we liked that was in our budget. The venue is not actually a “venue”. My dad’s boss owns the land and had converted the old horse barn into a 6 bedroom lodge awhile ago. We had been up before and loved the view and woodsy atmosphere. The more places we visited, we realized that none of them were going to compare to it. So we decided to make it work! That meant shuttling guests in vans up the mountain, having a generator so we could married on the bald, and having our wedding cake put together on site.

What adjective best describes your spouse on your wedding day?

Maggie – Calm and reassuring. I felt like I was running around like crazy and Jeff was just hanging out calm as always. And when things got especially crazy he made sure to calm me down and reassure me as well. It was raining the morning of our wedding day and even though you’re not supposed to see each other beforehand I had to and it was exactly what I needed to know everything was going to be just fine (and it was!).
Jeff – Graceful. She took all the stress that came with planning a wedding at a non traditional venue in stride and at the end of the day was still the most beautiful bride to ever walk down an aisle.

What tangible detail of your wedding day did you love the most?

The patches we did in honor of our late grandfathers. Maggie’s was a heart patch from a pair of my Pappaw’s jeans on the back of my dress. Jeff’s were elbow patches made from one of his Papaw’s vests, and the top of his pockets on his vest was made from leather from a vest that belonged to his other grandfather too.

How many guests did you invite to the wedding? Which of you had more guests at the wedding, you or your spouse?

We had about 250 guests. We both have big families all mostly from this area who pretty much all came, and because we’ve been together for awhile we share all the same friends as well. I think we were pretty even when it came to guests.

What did guests eat at the reception?

We had BBQ with hushpuppies, cole slaw, and baked beans.

What is the one of the funniest things that happened on your wedding day?

I would say the funniest thing that happened was when the best man decided to fight an uninvited guest. We found it hilarious; I think our parents were a bit mortified. Thankfully it happened once everyone had mostly left though.

What was your first dance song and why did you pick it?

Our song was “I Don’t Dance” by Lee Brice. We both just knew it was the song we’d have as our first dance. Although that was by far the worst part of the wedding. We hated dancing in front of everyone. If our mom’s would’ve let us we would have skipped that part completely.

What stood out to you the most when you think of your wedding?

Our vows. We both wrote our own, and I think that made it so much more special.


Maggie wore a necklace that contained a piece of lace from her mother’s wedding dress! Full circle ya’ll! As she said she also wore a heart shaped patch from her pappaw’s old jeans. What a beautiful way to honor his memory!


The leather on the top of the pocket on Jeff’s vest was his late Grandfather’s. The patches on the back of his shirt were from his Papaw King’s vest. I adore how this couple put so much meaning in to the details of their wedding attire.


First look with dad!


Maggie and her younger brothers.
Shout out to Amorette King for such an amazing make up job! Of course she had a beautiful canvas! 🙂



Shout out to these vendors that made this wedding rock!

Decorator and overall awesomeness by the bride’s mother- Beth Mills,  with help from the bride’s Aunt Mildred Brown, and her cousin Lane Leopard.
Dress DesignerVera Wang 
Makeup- Amorette King
Hair- Maggie’s Aunt Becky
Catering- Tim Martin (Poppy and Haywood Smokehouse provided the bbq sauce)
Cookies by: Beth Mills, Patsy Mills, Teresa Mills, and Margaret King
Minister- Josh Rouse
Cake- Cathy Berlin

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