Mozingo Photography is Welcoming a New Addition in July!


Baby number 2 for the Mozingos is due July 31st! We are excited to be welcoming our second baby and know that some of you are anxious to find out the gender of baby Mozingo.


We let Ezra, our first born, be a surprise and did not find out his gender until he was born. We thought we would do the same with this one but I decided I wanted to find out with my family and see their reaction to the news. So we decided to throw a gender reveal party last Tuesday on my birthday!

I kind of got into it with my pedicure, pink and blue outfit, and eyeshadow. What can I say? I was excited!

We are working on explaining things to Ezra. He likes rubbing my belly and saying “Hey baby!” He is going to be a great big brother.

So without further ado…. Baby number 2 is…

A BOY!!!!!! It seems I am to be surrounded by boys and I am in love with this idea. Even our cat is a boy! I was always kind of a tomboy anyway with 2 older brothers to keep up with. It just seems fitting that we should have another boy.

So how did we do the gender reveal? Our ultrasound tech put the ultrasound revealing the gender in an envelope and sent it home with us. Michael and I looked at that unopened envelope for a week, not knowing ourselves what was inside. We asked our nanny and good friend Roberta to help with the reveal and gave her the envelope. She came up with a fantastic idea of how to do the big reveal. She and Ezra did a painting project. He put his hand print on a piece of paper in the color of the gender of baby 2. Roberta put the hand prints in envelopes for Michael and I to open and for each family member to open. So hand prints became our theme.

We are so excited for this new blessing to join in our story. Thanks for allowing us to share it with you.

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