Merry Christmas from Mozingo Photography!

Merry Christmas! 2013 has been a HUGE year for the Mozingos! We welcomed our Ezra into the world on January 30th. He has been such a blessing and joy to have in our lives. Our hearts are so much more full because of him. We also bought our first home this year and what a journey that was with a 9 month old Ezra!

Taking Christmas card photos was an adventure this year! It snowed the day before Thanksgiving and we couldn’t resist sneaking out in the snow for a few pics. The only problem was that nobody was around to take our photos. Michael and I set up the tripod to get the shot of all 3 of us. We set the camera on timer mode. After about 10 takes, the camera and tripod falling in the snow, and being out of breath running back and forth we managed to get a couple of decent shots of the 3 of us! Afterward, Michael and I decided it was time to dress our cat up and throw him out in the snow. Needless to say he was very mad but his expression was priceless. We fed him lots of treats when he got back in but he was still mad at us for about an hour. 🙂

Here is our Christmas card along with our shots from our snowy photo session. As always, we are so glad you are part of our lives! Peace and blessings in Christ during this Christmas season and a very Happy New Year!

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