Michele and Mark’s Biltmore Wine Cellar Wedding!

Mozingo photography is excited to announce that we have just photographed our 100th wedding! It is so hard to believe that we are already at 100 and we feel very blessed and grateful.

Michele and Mark’s Biltmore wine cellar wedding was our 100th wedding! This was also one of the highlights of our Fall season here in the mountains of North Carolina. As Asheville wedding photographers we love all types of weddings, but the smaller weddings always have a special charm. Michele and Mark planned their day to be intimate so they only invited their family. Michael and I SO enjoyed getting to meet all of them. They were such a merry crowd and didn’t even let the unexpected fire alarm and evacuation keep them from laughing and having a good time. (Don’t worry, it was just a tripped wire. 🙂

Here are some of our favorite moments of Michele and Mark’s wedding and their “Rock the Frock” the next day.

One of my favorite details of the decor at this wedding were the white branches. As a little girl, Michele loved to climb one of the apple trees on their property. She said she would sit up there for hours with her cat and read. A couple of years ago an ice storm took down that tree. So Michele’s mother cut the branches off and painted them white. They laced flowers around the branches and used them for the decor around the wine cellar. I loved the extra special personal touch this brought to the decor. Such unique sentiment makes my heart happy!

We love Tim Lolley of Blue Mountain Weddings. This photo tells you why we love to call him “Jolly Lolley.”

Shout out to Cody with Cody’s Wedding Creations for a fabulous job on Michele’s hair! Those curls never fell out!

Another fabulous cake by Biltmore’s pastry chef!

Wendy with Blush by Wendy Ballance is one of our favorite make up artists! Once again, she rocked it.

We love it when our couples allow us to photograph them again on a day other than their wedding day. Michele and Mark hired us to shoot a “Rock the Frock” with them the day after their wedding. We were blessed with beautiful November weather and we enjoyed getting to spend the extra time with this couple. So much great conversation and hang out time as we traveled around the Biltmore property.

While Michael is getting this shot…

… Meriah is getting this shot. Two different perspectives of the same moment. I love shooting with my husband!

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