Kristen and Tyler’s Asheville Wedding on the Farm!

To say Kristen and Tyler have good “chemistry” is an understatement. The sweet moments between these two are endless. For example, Kristen woke up the morning of her wedding to a gift beside her bed. Then the gifts just kept coming! Tyler had spent a lot of time and effort in the little things and had made sure she received each on the day they became one. She received a new Bible with her name on it, a necklace with her new initials on it, a willow tree statue, some Pandora charms for her charm bracelet, and all the gifts arrived with sweet notes attached to them. I kept thinking to myself, “WOW! This fella really loves this gal and isn’t afraid to show it!” This was also evident in Tyler’s reaction to seeing Kristen for the first time as she walked down the aisle. I was even crying behind my camera as Tyler tucked his head and let the tears roll. Tyler’s father and best man were beside him to comfort but I dare say his father was a bit moved as well. I really don’t think there was a dry eye in the place.

Every time I have photographed these two the chemistry just flows. I hardly ever had to tell them to pose, kiss each other, or direct them on how to interact. Loving on each other came so natural to them, even in front of the camera.

Many blessings to Kristen and Tyler! I can see this couple growing old together and even when they have been married 50 years they will still be sitting on the front porch cuddled up together.

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