This is Us!

It was time for Michael and I to update our photos on our website and social media sites. Past time. Given that I change my hair style so often we may have to have them taken every 6 months… just kidding;)

For the shoot, I treated myself to a makeover and had an amazing spray tan by Bella Sole Studio here in Asheville. Kathy and Cindy are very professional and do a great job with their tans.

My hair is styled by long time pal and hairstylist Samantha Burnett with Salon 212 in Waynesville, NC.

My good friend and colleague in the wedding industry Wendy Ballance with Blush by Wendy Ballance did my killer makeup job. And I thought I could do a decent makeup job… psht! Wendy made me look like a rock star! Thus why she is my favorite makeup artist here in Asheville. We treated her and Matt to a photo shoot that day as well. (See pics below!)

A big shout out to Ian Riley for most of these photos below. He was very patient with us and even allowed me to be picky about him capturing the “good side” of my face. We love Ian. He has helped us out with weddings before and we are so thankful to have him in our lives. His wife Nicole (with Verge events) went on the shoot with us as well. The designer came out in her and she helped make sure everything was in place and even let me borrow her sweater and earrings for a few shots.

A few other photos were snagged by our videographer Aaron Morrell with Grae Skye Studio. (Video to come later.)

Michael and I love the friends we have made through the wedding industry, especially through StudioWed. They have been some of the most generous people we have known. Thanks again guys for your generosity and help in making us look good!

Aaron’s Photos-

Ian’s Photos-

Here are a few more of us with a few of our pals as well!

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