Remembering Heather

It is at times like these that you realize how fragile life is. To be honest I have really struggled to know what to say.

Heather Cooper was one of our brides in November of last year. She and Marc were married at Biltmore and Michael and I was there to capture their amazing wedding. Michael and I also got to hang out with Heather and Marc the day after their wedding for a rock the frock session. Michael and I instantly connected with this awesome couple and before the day was over they had invited us to their home in Kansas! That was the type of people they were.

Heather and I had kept up since here wedding in November. She wasn’t just a client who was in and out of my life, she had become a friend. She and I were just talking on Monday and she was giving me kind words of encouragement and was still saying sweet words about our photography. I am not saying this to brag on us, I am saying this to brag on Heather! She was such a sweet soul. She has such a beautiful personality and always said such kind things to us.

Heather passed away yesterday, and I have grieved her loss. The fact that I was just talking to her the day before is hard for me to wrap my head around. Even though I have only known Heather for a few short months, her loss is felt greatly. Looking at her facebook wall, I am guessing her loss is felt by so many others as well. I can not imagine the pain felt by Heather’s husband Marc and her 8 year old daughter Maddie. Please keep them in your hearts and prayers and they go through this unthinkable time of pain.

I wanted to share a few photos of Heather. My heart behind doing this is to give those who love Heather a few more pictures of her. It is a real and humbling thing to think that this is all that I have left of this dear one. I am blessed to have been able to capture some of Heather’s beauty and some of that spirited personality. I will treasure these pictures of her. Here are a few more pictures of Heather that I have not blogged and that are not on our website.

Heather was truly a gift and I am thankful to have gotten to meet her and share in her life.

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